Small Business Trends Editor Shawn Hessinger to Appear on Small Business Radio Show

Small Business Trends Editor Shawn Hessinger to Appear on Small Business Radio Show

They range from your Uber driver to the people who shop for your groceries. But they could also include the people who write content for your website or design a logo for your small business.

You’ll find freelancers everywhere today.  But even as the freelancing trend grows, the movement finds itself under attack.

Small Business Trends executive editor Shawn Hessinger has worked with freelancers for years. Hessinger will talk with Barry Moltz, host of the Small Business Radio Show, about the ins and outs of recruiting and working with freelancers to build your business.

The show airs 9 a.m. CT Dec. 28 on Chicago’s AM 820. But those outside the area can listen to it online here. And the show will be posted to Barry’s website the following week.

The discussion will include a look at how the rules for recruiting and working with freelancers may be changing.

Legislation like California’s AB5 seeks to redefine what freelancing means. For example, the new California law attempts to limit the amount of work a freelancer can work for a business — and even the kind of work — before being considered employees and treated accordingly.

If you find all of this confusing, you’re not alone.

So how can freelancers help you in your business? How do you hire them? And most importantly, how do you recruit freelancers without getting your business in hot water with the rapidly shifting legislative climate?

DON’T allow fear of new regulations to scare you away from getting the help you need to grow your business. Listen to the Small Business Radio Show 9 a.m. CT Dec. 28 on Chicago’s AM 820 for a discussion with Shawn Hessinger, executive editor of Small Business Trends, on working with freelancers to grow your business.
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