What is LinkedIn Live and How Can It Help Your Company?

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn recently announced some updates to LinkedIn Pages. These include the ability to stream live video. LinkedIn Live originally launched last year for individual accounts. But this is the first time it’s going to be available for Pages.

Use it on your own LinkedIn page or your company’s profile. Either way this feature has the potential to make a major impact on your company’s LinkedIn strategy. In fact, the social networking platform for professionals says that LinkedIn Live broadcasters see seven times more reactions. And they get 24 times more comments than users who post standard videos.

What Is LinkedIn Live?

LinkedIn Live is the social platform’s livestreaming option. Users go through a variety of third-party streaming tools to actually create their content, which is then broadcast to their LinkedIn network. It’s similar to live versions of other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram in that your video content goes out in real time and people can interact with you directly.

Some big names have found interesting ways to make use of it since its launch. For example, Best Buy used it to feature an interview with the company’s CEO. And Emirates NBD hosted an ask me anything session to interact with customers.

How to Create a LinkedIn Live Stream

Before you can go live on LinkedIn, you need to apply for approval using the platform’s online form. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive an email that will direct you toward the approved streaming platforms you can use. Choose the one that best suits your needs and sign up for an account. Then connect that service to your LinkedIn account.

From there, log into your streaming tool and start your live video. You should also be prepared to interact with viewers on LinkedIn, since that’s one of the main benefits of livestreaming in general. Of course, it’s also a good idea to have a script or general outline so you can make sure your video content is contributing to your company’s goals on the platform.

10 Ways to Use LinkedIn Live

Answer Questions

One of the main things that sets LinkedIn Live apart from standard video posts is the ability to interact with people in real time. If you get a lot of questions from customers or followers on the platform, host a livestream to answer them for your entire audience.

Showcase Special Events

If you host or attend any special industry events, LinkedIn Live can be a perfect way to share the experience with followers. It can make people want to attend or share valuable intel from the sessions or panelists.

Introduce Team Members

Your followers may feel more comfortable interacting with your team if they can put faces with names. Use live video to show off your employees through quick Q&As or introductions where each person shares some fun facts.

Show Off Workplace Culture

LinkedIn can be a very effective tool for bringing new talent into your organization. Livestreaming can help you give people a behind the scenes view of your office or work site, which could make it a more appealing destination.

Announce New Products or Services

Want to get people excited about a big announcement for your business? Go live to make your announcement. You can also promote the launch with extra posts leading up to the big reveal.

Demonstrate Products or Services

For businesses that offer products or services that may need a bit of explanation, a livestream can be the perfect format. Demonstrating how to use it in a video lets them see how everything works firsthand. And since you’re live, they can ask questions or interact with you throughout the process in case something isn’t especially clear. This may be a worthwhile strategy for companies that offer software tools or related products with a lot of different features to go over.

Discuss Industry Issues

LinkedIn can be a very valuable place to make connections in your industry and establish yourself as an expert. Going live to discuss the trending topic of the day in your specific field can help you start conversations with other professionals and give you some credibility on a variety of relevant subjects.

Interview Industry Experts

If you can connect with others who have a lot of influence in your industry or with your target customer base, interviewing them in a livestream could be a very effective strategy. The insights they share are likely to be valuable to your audience. And they might share it with their followers as well, allowing you to increase your reach even more.

Share Tips or Tutorials

Tutorials and how-to’s are some of the most popular formats for online video because they share actionable tips to help people accomplish a specific goal. On LinkedIn, your tutorials should probably be geared toward a B2B audience. So you might consider topics like helping people set up an account on a new advertising platform or editing photos for social media.

Start Recurring Series

In any livestreaming format, you’re likely to get more viewers if people are able to anticipate your content. Instead of just going live on a whim every now and then, start a series that goes live at the same time every week or month. And remember to promote it in the days leading up to the stream. This gives people a better chance to actually be logged on when you go live, especially on a platform like LinkedIn where people probably aren’t checking in constantly.

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