National Small Business Week Is Coming, Is Your Business Ready?

This year the National Small Business Week is taking place from May 3 to 9, 2020. This annual event is a celebration of all things small business. And making plans in January for it is not a bad idea.

Everyone from the Small Business Administration to local, state and national organizations as well as the biggest companies across all sectors take part.

If you are a small business owner, this is the time to find out what your local and state governments are doing for the event. By taking part in the National Small Business Week, you will increase the name of your brand and become an ambassador for issues affecting your fellow entrepreneurs.

Small Business Trends has the honor of being a supporting sponsor of National Small Business Week. So, go to our page for the event, and stay tuned to the different events that will take place leading up to NSBW.

Mark your calendar now because NSBW will be here sooner than you think. Click on the red button go to our page.

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Image: U.S. Small Business Administration

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  1. It is going to be a great day for learning and meeting people. It will be exciting.