10 Cloud Printing Services for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

10 Cloud Printing Services for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Google plans to shut down Cloud Print at the end of 2020. The popular cloud printing service enjoys a loyal fan base especially among small business users.

It lets you print items directly from Google Chrome. And you can do this either on a desktop or mobile device. Don’t worry if the printer is not connected to the internet.

But alas, it’s going away. And if you’re using this service, you’ll likely be looking for an alternative pretty soon.

Don’t fret. We looked for the best cloud printing services for small business today. Basically, these services just let you print from any computer or device that’s connected to its network. Some offer fully featured software for the whole office. Others are better suited to small spaces or individual users.

If you’re looking for other cloud printing services to fill the void left by Google Cloud Print, here are 10 of them.

10 Cloud Printing Services for Businesses

Xerox ConnectKey

Xerox ConnectKey offers a smart workstation with a variety of productivity features. You can print from the cloud, of course. But other features apps to help you manage tasks around the office, electronic document creation, and a touchscreen interface on its multifunction printer devices.

Lexmark Cloud Print Management

For those with Lexmark printers in the office, Lexmark Cloud Print Management can make it easier for team members to get their documents quickly and reduce strain on IT. Basically, you can place items to be printed in your cloud network, then swipe a badge at the printer of your choice once you’re ready to pick it up.


Though not exactly as accessible as Google Cloud Print, Apple’s AirPrint feature is built into a variety of printers and available on all Apple Devices, from iMacs to iPhones. You can also access it on devices running other operating systems with the help of apps. This option isn’t a fully featured service for offices. But you can certainly use it if your workplace is outfitted with Apple products and compatible printers. It can also be a helpful option for freelancers or those who work from home.


Touted as a replacement for Google Cloud Print, directprint.io offers smart printing options from Google Chrome and Windows operating systems. The system offers full integrated with G Suite. And you can use it with all major printer brands. Connect it to your local network. And all of your documents stay secure. They never leave your private cloud.


PrinterOn offers cloud printing solutions for everything from enterprise level businesses to public office spaces. Register your printer and then enjoy a fully secure cloud management function. This allows you to easily store and access any documents you need printed. Solutions remain flexible. So businesses of all different sizes and industries can use it to manage printing jobs securely.

UniPrint Infinity

UniPrint Infinity lets you print through a huge variety of computing platforms, from traditional desktop environments to mobile and server based jobs. Basically, the UniPrint application server transforms everything into PDFs so they can easily be sent to the printing server and then completed at the printer of your choice.


Printix’s secure print management platform connects with several third party cloud solutions. These include Office 365, G Suite, and Azure AD. You can eliminate servers and move everything to the cloud with no upfront cost. But Printix charges a monthly fee involved. The provider offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. These include an automated infrastructure to make things easy for team members.


A centralized print management platform for offices, ezeep eliminates the need for print drivers. Instead it lets you keep everything in one cloud environment. The service offers a simple interface.  So users can easily manage documents. And they can send them to the printers of their choice. Finally, you can access ezeep from any device.


Pharos lets you secure all of your office printers and workstations to the cloud for easy and secure printing. You’ll enjoy the ability to store and print items from the cloud. Pharos also offers printing metrics. So you can keep an eye on usage throughout your business. You can also set up and connect printers easyily. So you don’t need to waste a ton of your IT team’s time to take advantage of this service.

OM Plus

OM Plus offers a cloud printing solution in its suite of printing software. The company creates solutions that are tailored to specific industries. Most fall into what might be called enterprise level solutions. So they come with a ton of features. However, you’ll find them useful to a smaller businesses that process a lot of printing jobs.
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