Get Back to Basics with These 10 Tips for Starting and Growing a Business

Start and grow your business

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There are tons of advanced strategies for growing a business. But for those who are just getting started or don’t have a ton of resources, those methods aren’t always attainable. However, there are still a ton of basic tips and tricks you can consider to get started on the right foot and grow your business. Check out tips for a variety of areas from members of the online small business community below.

Find the Best Location for Your Startup

Different cities offer various benefits for businesses and entrepreneurs. As a result, picking the right location for your needs can make a huge difference. This Crowdspring post by Amanda Bowman includes a list of the best cities for entrepreneurs.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Sell Your Business

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Build Your Website the Lean Way

If you’re just getting started with a new business, you may not have a ton of resources to put into creating a website. But you still need to produce something. In this Pixel Productions post, Viorel Dudau shares tips for building a website the lean way. And BizSugar members commented on the post here.

Reach More Customers and Grow Your Business Using Stories

If you want customers to feel connected to your business, there are plenty of new social media features that can help. The stories format on some of today’s most popular platforms offer a unique opportunity to make those connections. Learn more about the benefits in this UpCity post by Michelene Maguire.

Read Up on California’s New Privacy Law

As a business owner, you’re responsible for understanding the relevant laws in each state and/or country where you operate. If you’re located in California or have any customers there, you need to know about the California Consumer Privacy Act. Get an overview in this Social Media HQ post by Christian Zilles.

Choose the Right Business Filings and Compliance Provider

To keep your business compliant, you may need a professional to help with your filings. However, not all providers offer the same level of service. In this post, Nellie Akalp of CorpNet details some considerations you need to keep in mind when making this decision.

Go International with SEO

If you want to increase your customer base around the world, your SEO strategy should reflect that. If yours is mainly tailored to the U.S. read this Search Engine Watch post by Yasmine Dehimi to get helpful tips for going international.

Find the Right Credentials for Your Next Hire

If you want to expand your business, hiring new team members can go a long way. But that’s only if you hire the right people. In this post, Ramon Ray discusses what credentials you should consider and look for the next time your business brings on new team members.

Figure Out What Your Customers Really Want

If you want to serve your customers effectively, you need to learn what they want. Too many buisinesses fall into the trap of marketing to customers before listening. Jennifer Hanford explores a better strategy in this Strella Social Media post. See what other small business owners are saying about the post over in the BizSugar community.

Learn How Featured Snippets Impact Your SEO

When you search for an answer or piece of information on Google, you may notice a small box with a snippet featuring the most relevant response. The way Google shows these snippets recently changed, so read this Bright Local post by Stephanie Newton for the details.

Make Money with Instagram Right Now

If you’re just looking to start a business, or if you want to add an extra revenue stream, Instagram may provide the answer. In this post on the Miss Millennia Magazine blog, Jasmine Watts provides tips for anyone looking to make money on Instagram right now.

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