Kabbage Insights Hopes to Keep Small Businesses Cash Positive

Kabbage Insights

There’s a new tool watching your cash flow automatically. Kabbage Insights predicts and calculates cash flow patterns so your small business can target deficits and surpluses. It’s a great way to plan when to expand, downsize and ride the ups and downs of your market. What’s more, it’s free.

Small Business Trends contacted David Snitkof, Head of Analytics and Data Strategy for Kabbage, to learn more about this product . It’s available 24/7.

Using Kabbage Insights

“The tool is now available to any U.S. small business ,” he writes explaining the need

“With the launch, Kabbage addresses one of the  biggest problems faced by small business owners. Studies show that 91% of small business owners spend as many as 20 hours per week calculating cash flow.”

Leveling the Playing Field

This product is another way innovation levels the playing field. Insights continually evaluates a customer’s transactions over 90 days. However, that doesn’t  mean it is difficult  to use.

“The product organizes data in an easy-to-understand dashboard. It allows customers to quickly visualize their net growth without taking the time to calculate it themselves.”

It only takes minutes for small businesses to connect to the real-time business data and get immediate numbers for their cash flow. Quickly get daily performance numbers and the kind of customized insights to plan ahead and borrow more strategically.

On the other hand, you can cut back where you need to using the data.

Focus on The Bottom Line

If you’re like most small business owners, your focus is always on the bottom line. Kabbage Insights frees you up to do more of that by gathering data for you. It stays on top of the numbers and can even give SMB’s a heads up.

“Customers can set a desired low-balance threshold and receive automated alerts if accounts are predicted to dip below it.”

The product is simple.  You might think  these insights are all you’ll get.  But there’s more.

 Eye on Competition

Snitkof explains how the bigger picture keeps an eye on the competition.

“When paired with the Kabbage Small Business Revenue Index, Kabbage Insights allows small businesses to compare their company’s performance to similarly-sized businesses operating in their state and industry.”

The mobile dashboard lets you keep an eye your money wherever you are.  The new product is available and built for any small businesses.  At the same time, it works well in many industries.

Innovation That Streamlines

This new product comes on the heels of the launch of Kabbage Payments.  The company has an eye on the kind of innovation that streamlines an SMB’s day to day operations.

“Expect more products from us in the near future that continue to automate and simplify cash-flow management for small businesses,” Snitkof says.

Kabbage, Inc., is a company focusing on cash flow solutions for small businesses. They are headquartered in Atlanta. The suite of products available includes Kabbage Payments, Kabbage Funding and the newest Kabbage Insights.

They have a customer base of over 220,000 small businesses.

Image: kabbage.com

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