Shutterstock, iStock, and Playable Partner on New Email Video Marketing Service


A Playable, Shutterstock, and iStock by Getty Images partnership brings the power of video to email marketing campaigns.

You’re probably thinking that video in your email marketing efforts is a little out of reach. That’s what these companies thought may be hindering small businesses, specifically, from creating more campaigns.

Email Videos Available from Playable, Shutterstock, iStock Partnership

Bob Hitching, CEO of Playable, filled Small Business Trends in on how it works and why this makes a big difference to small businesses.

“Email marketers can now increase clicks and sales by using video, without the cost of producing their own original content,” he writes.

New Library

Before the new library, customers like RedBull, ESPN and Warner Bros. had to bring in their own video content to be added to email campaigns. It was time-consuming for any company looking to use this kind of marketing.

Hitching also describes how well video and email marketing can work together. 

“Video is the most engaging content type – our brains love video – we retain 90% of video information vs. only 10% of text and images,” he says.

According to data from the company, 100 billion permission-based emails are sent every day. Hitching says that’s because folks ask to see them.

“Email is the only remaining permission-based marketing channel,” he says. “People subscribe for information and enjoy getting it.”

Heavy Hitters

This new email video marketing partnership brings two heavy marketing hitters together for small businesses. It translates into more clicks because video is captivating. There is also higher engagement because video and text work together to inform people.

Here’s how that works:

Marketers working for small businesses can search through the library that has millions of videos using keywords. You’re able to look through similar looking choices and then buy the one that best suits your campaign. Best of all, marketers get a product with captions and a call to action.

“You can also test a watermarked version of the video before purchase,” Hitching says.

This feature can add a logo or even a Play Button.

Playable Servers

The videos are synced with the email.  Then, when a video email is opened, the Playable HTML snippet works with Playable servers to figure out what email client is being used.

It sorts through Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail to name a few. It matches up the devices like iPhone, Android and Mac and picks the right data connection. Then it decides which of dozens of versions of the video to deliver to each viewer.

There’s an AI powered Video Editor, too. Putting the final product together is a snap.

Hitching explains, “Playable generates an HTML snippet to copy & paste into your email system,” he says.  “Our product works with all the leading email platforms.”

That includes Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Salesforce, Emarsys, SendGrid, Iterable, and dozens more.

There’s a 30-day free trial that includes a thousand videos available to choose.

Plans begin at $5 per month. Go here and click “Get Started.”


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