Spotlight: Stonewall Protection Group Guards Reputation for Security Professionalism

Stonewall Protection Group

Those that need professional private security services want to be sure they’re getting professionals who are dedicated to safety. However, some companies have failed to deliver on those expectations through the years.

Fortunately, Stonewall Protection Group wants to fill that gap. The company aims to ensure that businesses, events, and individuals that need private security actually receive professional service. Read more about the business and what sets it apart in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers security services and training.

President and CEO Jonathan McKee told Small Business Trends, “We provide armed and unarmed security guard services, bodyguards for VIP and executive clients, as well as security consulting services. We are also a training school that offers a variety of security and firearms related courses to both security professionals and civilians who want to learn how to better protect themselves.”

Business Niche

Employee professionalism.

McKee says, “We put a lot of time and effort into our hiring process, selecting only those employees whom we feel will represent us well. We offer very competitive pay, which helps us recruit and retain the best possible candidates. We then provide additional training above and beyond what the state requires and what most companies provide. Clients who have used other security companies in the past, prior to hiring us, often let us know how vastly different we are and how pleased they are with our higher level of service.”

How the Business Got Started

After noticing issues with the industry.

McKee explains, “During my time as a big-city cop, I often found myself going on calls to locations that had on-site private security. What I found always left me wondering why these companies were spending a dime to hire these people to “protect” their property. The majority of the time, the officer was not even aware that a crime had taken place right under their nose until the police had arrived because they were either asleep or not paying attention. The officers who did see something usually could not relay pertinent information about what happened because they didn’t have the training on what details to pay attention to and what to remember.”

Biggest Win

Signing their first big contract.

McKee adds, “Signing the first ongoing contract for full-time work really solidified us as a business and gave me hope for growth and a new motivation to keep driving forward.”

Biggest Risk

Donating 10 percent of profits to the community.

McKee made this decision early on, back when paying the bills was already difficult. In fact, he risked losing money if the business stayed stagnant. However, he said it was important to use the company as a way to give back. And the growth they’ve achieved since has allowed this decision to work out.

Lesson Learned

Cover your financial bases.

Early on, McKee allowed some clients to pay after providing services. This meant he had to cover things like payroll out of his own pocket. Most of those clients honored their commitments. However, some created problems for the company.

McKee explains, “You would be amazed at the amount of people who have no intention to pay their bills! This caused some major headaches and big setbacks when I first started out.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Marketing and sales.

McKee adds, “We are still relatively unknown in the area.”

Brainstorming Technique

Trips to Vegas.

McKee says, “Every four months or so, our leadership team makes the 2 hour flight to Las Vegas. We spend 2-3 days sitting in front of laptops figuring out what we can improve upon and how we can grow our business. Then we have fun in the evening!”

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Image: Images: Stonewall Protection Group, Jonathan McKee

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