Shashi Bellamkonda Joins Leap As Head of Marketing

Shashi Bellamkonda

Shashi Bellamkonda is joining Leap, the digital point of sale solution for home service businesses, as the company’s new Vice President of Marketing.

This union brings together a leader in the small business marketing space with an exciting startup that wants to make a major impact for home service providers.

Shashi Bellamkonda Joins Leap As Head of Marketing

Bellamkonda has more than 18 years of experience working with small businesses and technology companies. For example, he has previously worked for startups like Surefire Local, and has taught multiple classes at Georgetown. His specialty lies in helping businesses leverage technology, which happens to fit nicely with the overall mission of Leap.

Bellamkonda tells Small Business Trends, “I have been focusing on helping small businesses and technology companies for over 18 years. Joining Leap during a period of rapid growth means a lot, as they value my expertise in the field and I look forward to helping their expansion. I’ve always been fascinated by their story and their unique mission to solve a problem in the home services industry that no one else is trying to fix.”

What Does Leap Do?

That problem lies in the logistics of managing payments and communications for businesses. These deal with customers mainly in their own homes. As a solution, Leap offers an end-to-end point of sale application. It helps home service professionals like roofers, electricians, and HVAC contractors who manage their customer interactions and sales. The product list includes everything from estimates and proposals to payments and integrations. And it combines all this with top CRM tools.

As Vice President of Marketing for Leap, Bellamkonda is now responsible for executing the company’s overall marketing strategy as they navigate a period of rapid growth.

He says, “My job also entails supporting Leap’s ever-growing partner and integration network. Leap’s — and now my — ultimate goal is to have the platform be adopted by everyone in the home service industry.”

Want to transform the marketing process for a startup. It always requires a lot of creativity and a nimble approach. Bellamkonda brings experience as CMO of Surefire Local. He also has background in teaching, and speaking on small business and technology at various events. As a result, Bellamkonda has demonstrated the ability to constantly adapt to new circumstances. And this new role at Leap is sure to come with a fair amount of evolution through the years as well.

He says, “My philosophy is that both small businesses and companies serving them should be ready for change. Customer behavior, technology changes rapidly and I am glad Leap is well-positioned to help the home improvement service businesses adapt and lead through this change.”



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