Spotlight: Nest of Love Branches Out to Support Women

Women Empowerment

Women have made a lot of waves in the business world in recent years. However, there’s still room for improvement. And the founder of Nest Of Love wants to help by making a big difference for women empowerment.

The organization has made a lot of progress since its inception, thanks in part to an appearance on a well known daytime show. Learn more about the organization’s mission and journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Support services for women.

Founder Samantha Gil told Small Business Trends, “We are a non profit for women empowerment so our services are mentorship, leadership programs and training. We also sell merchandise for our brand including but not limited to t-shirts, youth shirts, baby wear, gym wear, mouse pads, pop sockets, mugs and etc.”

Business Niche

Making a real difference.

Nest of Love has helped volunteers earn more than $500,000. They also helped 20 women access Self Love Makeovers valued over $60,000.

How the Business Got Started

To help women in the community.

Before starting Nest of Love, Samantha Gil worked at Mercedes-Benz. However, she felt there weren’t enough female leaders supporting others in the community. So she took it upon herself to start a company that would fill that void.

Biggest Win

Appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

The appearance was part of a partnership between Kylie and Kris Jenner and Ellen DeGeneres. They wanted to support someone who does good for their community. So volunteers nominated Gil.

First, Gil had to go through some interviews. Then, producers asked her and ten guests to come to California to shoot a promo video. When they arrived at the studio to shoot this video, that’s when they revealed that Gil had been nominated for the giveaway. And members received a total of $750,000 in donations.

Biggest Risk

Getting Started.

Gil invested her own money in the organization and left her job at Mercedes-Benz. So it was really important for the investment to actually work out.

Lesson Learned

Choose the right partners and opportunities.

Gil says, “We have learned to evaluate partnership and working with the right people. Not every opportunity is the right opportunity, you must choose wisely who you are helping or partnering with.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Finding a new facility.

Gil says they are currently looking for a location to support their leadership and mentorship programs. So the money would go a long way toward that. Additionally, they would like to improve community outreach efforts.

Favorite Quote

“We Change Our Women, We Change Our World.” ® by @culture_empowerment.

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Image: Nest of Love, Samantha Gil

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