Spotlight: lotus823 Shows How Business Opportunities Can Flower

Marketing Experience

Small business marketing often requires using multiple channels. Those different methods need to work together to support a larger goal. But some marketing agencies only focus on certain options or create a disjointed experience. However, lotus823 is different. The company uses strategies that are designed to all work together.

In addition, the company is known for its positive culture and support of employees. They even let team members bring their pets to work as an added perk! Read about the company and its methods in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers a variety of integrated marketing services.

The marketing communications agency offers a wide range of services designed to increase brand visibility both online and offline. Services include:

  • public relations
  • social media marketing
  • content creation
  • Amazon marketing
  • trade show marketing
  • SEO
  • web design
  • influencer marketing

Business Niche

Working across multiple channels at once.

Account Executive Kaitlin Crocilla told Small Business Trends, “By building powerful connections across multiple channels, our team delivers engaging business solutions with measurable results to companies across the world.”

How the Business Got Started

At a dining room table.

Crocilla says, “lotus823 had humble beginnings… namely, the dining room table. It was here where agency principals, David and Allison Hernandez, developed the idea of an integrated approach to marketing communications.”

Biggest Win

Being recognized with several industry awards.

The marketing agency has won more than 40 awards through the years, including Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces of 2019.

Biggest Risk

Breaking into a new space.

Crocilla explains, “Three years ago, we bought an agency specializing in home and housewares. It definitely caused disruption within our organization. Many things could have gone wrong, such as not working well with the previous owner and the VP.”

However, the transition was successful. Three years later, the leadership team still works well together. Additionally, they all work well with the rest of the team too. As a bonus, the home and housewares sector of the business has grown.

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Supporting the team.

Crocilla says that the company would love to add additional employee training programs. For example, some of the money could go toward starting a company-wide retreat. The leadership team understands that employees are vital to their success.

Office Environment

Open and flexible.

Crocilla explains, “The workplace and wellness benefits include unlimited paid time off, option of bringing pets to work, work-from-home schedules, casual dress code, offsite social events/outings, employee gym memberships, stress-relief breaks, and much more!”

The office also features an open floor plan. This makes it easy for team members to collaborate. And the company wants to support that culture of camaraderie.

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