Onfleet Launches Job Board for Companies Seeking Delivery Drivers

Onfleet Driver Job Board Launched for Companies to Find Delivery Drivers

The launch of Onfleet’s free Driver Job Board is designed to do one thing during the current COVID-19 pandemic, get the things people need by finding drivers to deliver them.

As the current lockdown continues to drag on, people are going to need the bare essentials. And one way to get it to them without further endangering more people is by delivering it to them. Consequently, this has created a huge demand for drivers. But ironically this is happening as companies in other segments are letting their drivers go.

In the press release for the new service, Khaled Naim, Co-founder and CEO of Onfleet, explains the surge in demand.

“As we examined the impact across Onfleet’s customer base, we noticed that some of our customers were struggling to expand fast enough to meet an unexpected surge in demand, while others, unfortunately, had to let drivers go because demand declined in their industry. So, we decided to create an easy way to connect drivers and hiring companies.”

Onfleet serves companies across multiple industries including but not limited to food and beverage, retail, pharmacy, and parcel. The infrastructure it has in place is ideally suited to efficiently make these deliveries in local communities across the country.

This is where Onfleet’s expertise comes in. The company specializes in making the last mile delivery for thousands of companies around the world. And because the vast majority of the deliveries during this pandemic are going to be classified as ‘Last mile deliveries’ the Driver Job Board makes perfect sense.

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Onfleet Driver Job Board

The free Driver Job Board will connect drivers looking for work with companies that need help with their delivery.

The Job Board lets drivers signup to deliver for companies in their area or look for jobs companies have posted. The same goes for companies. They can either look for drivers or post jobs. According to Onfleet, a dozen companies listed openings in the first few hours after the board launched.

If you are a company looking for delivery drivers you can post or browse with the links below.

  • Post a Job  – Post open positions for drivers in your area.
  • Browse Drivers – Browse for drivers looking for a job in your area.

If you are looking for delivery jobs sign up or browse for companies in the links below.

The Last Mile Delivery and the Challenges it Presents

Before the coronavirus, the number of consumers using eCommerce for their everyday supplies was on the increase. However, the lockdown cities and countries have implemented has increased eCommerce and delivery exponentially. And this is further exacerbating the challenges of the last mile delivery.

The last mile delivery is the most expensive and time-consuming part of the shipping process. So much so, it comprises 53% of the overall shipping cost. This is why companies like Onfleet have specialized in this segment of the delivery process.

The last mile delivery is a problem because it requires multiple stops, low drop sizes, traffic congestion, and an ever-increasing number of packages. And with customers now expecting free deliveries, businesses are investing more resources to make this part of the delivery the most efficient segment.

The technologies they invest in is making it possible to deliver the packages to customers faster, when and where they want it, make on-demand deliveries when they are home to get rid of multiple delivery attempts and more.

In the not so distant future, you can expect robots, drones, and self-driving vehicles making the deliveries to further improve the last mile delivery and cut costs even more.

Making Delivery Part of Your Small Business Operations

As the Onfleet business model shows, the value of efficient delivery for the last mile is huge for online retailers. Local small businesses can take advantage of the knowledge they have of the area they operate in to overcome these challenges.

Whether you are a hardware store or create handmade products, you can include delivery as part of your business. Remember, the giant retailers are doing all they can to make same-day delivery the standard.

You can do one better and try to deliver the item within hours.

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  1. There is a lot of movement in the job market right now. While some companies are letting people go, others are adding them like crazy. Be flexible out there and good luck everyone!

  2. The delivery business is growing. This need requires a dedicated job board where they can easily find gigs.