Shopify Email Now Available to All Merchants Using the Platform

Shopify Email Now Available to All Merchants Using the Platform

Shopify has announced its Shopify Email platform is now be available to all merchants around the world. The new marketing tool is designed to help Shopify merchants build more meaningful relationships with customers.

The service will be free until October 1, 2020. After this date, the first 2,500 emails merchants send out a month will continue to be free. Emails above this amount will cost Shopify sellers $1 for every 1,000 emails they send.

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Supporting Business During COVID-19

The timing of the launch of Shopify Email is designed to support business during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to send professional Shopify Emails to customers for free, will help merchants stand out. The tool will also help small businesses on Shopify maintain professional and loyal relationships with buyers.

With businesses working from home and customers in lockdown, emails have never been so important for small businesses. The launch of Shopify’s new tool highlights the importance of email communication for small businesses during these testing times.

Rethinking Marketing Strategies

In a blog about the launch of Shopify Email, Satish Kanwar, Vice President of Product at Shopify, commented:

“COVID-19 has forced many retailers to re-think their marketing strategies and get creative with how to reach their customers. We want to do everything we can to help these businesses thrive. As consumers spend more time online than ever before, email marketing becomes critical in preserving and building customer relationships.”

Small Business Deals

Shopify Email is designed for speed and efficiency. In just a few simple clicks, merchants can send sellers branded emails. Adding to the professionalism of the emails are ready-made email templates. The templates automatically include logos, products, images, prices, descriptions and more.

Communicating Important Information

The emails ensure merchants communicate important information and messages with their sellers. Such information might be related to updates about delivery and pickup information. They might disseminate information about special promotions.

Via an analytics dashboard, Shopify merchants can track results about the email campaign to help make email marketing more effective.

Maintaining Professional Email Campaigns

In a broader sense, the launch of Shopify Email shows the importance of email marketing at a time when businesses are isolated from the outside world. All small businesses are wise to maintain communications with customers through effective, efficient and professional email campaigns.

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