Spotlight: Art Aia Gets Creative with Online Support for Artists

How Art Aia's Founder Is Helping Artists Market Their Skills Online

As a business, managing your reputation online is a must. Individuals who want to market their work or their talents also need to consider how they’re viewed online. This is especially important for those in creative fields. Here is how Art Aia’s founder is helping artists market their skills online.

Art Aia – ValueYourSelf is a small business that provides this service specifically for artists. The company’s founder actually runs several art related businesses. And this one launched out of a need to promote the visibility for those other entities. Read all about the journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers online visibility management solutions.

More specifically, services include content creation, online property optimization, Wikimedia projects and social media management.

Business Niche

Serving those in the art community.

Founder Giovanni Morassutti told Small Business Trends, “My company is also associated to Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin and Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence, which are both as International art residencies organizations in the art field.”

How the Business Got Started

To help his own organizations.

Since Morassutti runs those art residency programs, he had to manage their online reputation. And he came up with some strategies that he felt may be helpful for others in the art field as well.

He adds, “I was working on the online presence of one of my organizations and thought it could be beneficial to other companies as well.”

Biggest Win

Scoring prominent clients.

Morassutti says, “As a new business I can only say that having clients that are authorities in the entertainment business is really a blessing.”

Biggest Risk

Choosing artists as a target audience.

Artists don’t always have a ton of extra disposable income. So Morassutti considers this decision to be risky. However, he said it has worked well so far.

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Growing the team.

Morassutti would want to hire creatives to help the company grow. He says, “I would offer jobs to copywriters, graphic designers, and photographers.”

Company Goal

Helping artists connect with people.

Morassutti says, “Creating the kind of connections between people that lead to collective civic action, political expression, community dialogue, shared cultural experiences.”

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Image: Art Aia, Giovanni Morassutti

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