Currnt Helping B2B Marketers Make Informed Decisions from a Distance

Informed Decisions

Currnt is looking to help B2B marketers sort through COVID 19. The on-demand marketing intelligence startup provides a virtual market research toolkit. And they recently launched SmartGroups, a virtual focus group tool.

Small Business Trends contacted Tom O’Malley, founder and CEO of Currnt, to learn more. He described how the network of service delivery partners works.

Currnt B2B Marketing

“Currnt provides companies a product/ market fit through online expert focus groups and market advisory boards,” he writes. “It blends technology and people. The speeds and scale are not possible otherwise.”

The tool includes an AI-driven professional marketplace. Experts and industry professionals engage in virtual focus groups.  SmartGroups, KnowledgeStreams, and DesignSprints are the three products used. A team of freelance designers, consultants and others turn resulting insights into content.

Great for Marketers

The product is great for marketers looking for focus group participants; however, there’s another side.

Currnt is also good for freelancers in the gig economy looking to become thought leaders .

The company helps overcome challenges like missing market insights.

Suited for The Future

“Analog practices of the past are not well suited for the future,” O’Malley says. “Blending technology and people makes complex learning better, faster, smarter.”

He goes on to say that many business teams are silo’d away from their markets. The idea here is to establish first-hand exposure to the market so teams are aligned.

How It Works

O’Malley explains more about how it works.

“AI helps find and attract relevant global expert applicants to select the ideal participants.”

The subject matter experts are there to work on small business goals seven days a week. The result are continual insights. It’s a great way of staying on top of changing target market preferences. This is a great idea for fast changing B2B industries. Like manufacturing, tech and healthcare.


These engagements turn into insights and a final product that businesses can use in their marketing efforts.

“Automations transform engagement into insights and content delivered to your design specifications,” O’Malley says. That can include blogs, reports, social media and even white papers.

Small businesses can get engaged in other ways too.

“SMBs can encourage their employees to join panels as individuals and increase their pace of learning,” O’Malley says. “ This ensures they stay relevant on fast moving topics. What’s more, they also sponsor their own panels and start learning  that way.”

Yearly Agreement

The costs can include a yearly agreement.

“It’s $8k a month on an annual agreement. That makes sure businesses can run a panel anytime during the year. Individual projects run from $30k to $50k.”

Finally, O’Malley says Currnt is looking forward.

“We are funding the business purely on revenues now,” he says. “But we’re rapidly approaching a tipping point that will bring in a new round of investors and accelerate growth .”

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  1. Cool idea and definitely a good time to be offering a product like this. Do they need any digital marketing experts for their panels/focus groups?

  2. We are always looking for experts in numerous fields including digital marketing for our various expert panels and advisory boards. Feel free to check out