Employees Want to Return to a Physical Workplace

hibob remote work survey

If you think all of your employees love working from home, you might be having the wrong idea. As authorities are relaxing lockdown restrictions, many employees are looking forward to returning to the office post the Covid-19.

According to the latest survey from Hibob, 36% of employees prefer to work from the office. And 43% of employees would like to return to the office once or twice a week. Only 21% of employees actually like to work from home regularly.

Hibob Remote Work Survey

Remote working economy is booming. Why shouldn’t it?

Remote working is a win-win option for both employers and employees. But not all employees are comfortable working from home.

Poor time management, technology issues, distractions, are some common challenges that many remote employees find difficult to cope with.

So there is no surprise that 36% of employees would like to return to the office once they’re allowed to do so, as the survey reports.

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As you can see, 64% of employees, according to the survey, gave preference to working from home at least for a few days per week. But all of them reported super productivity despite the fact that they prefer to work from home.

54% of super productive work-from-home (WFH) employees prefer to remain working from home, but 18% of high-performing WFH employees want to join the office.

Also, 18% of low performing work-from-home employees look forward to joining the office and make your office ready for them.

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As a small business owner, you should look for employees who want to join the office.

Why Employees Want to Return to the Office

There are multiple reasons why some employees want to join the office. Missing working with colleagues, decreased productivity, company culture, being able to communicate face-to-face, inspiring work culture are just a few to name.

35% of high productive WFH employees who wanted to join the office said that they wanted to return to the office because they missed working with their colleagues.

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63% of low productive WFH employees who gave a preference to join the office said they wanted to return to renew work-life balance, as the survey reports.

Even some highly productive employees working from home also struggle in maintaining a regular work routine. So there is no surprise that 46 % of high productive WFH employees want to join the office to get back into their regular work routine.

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How to Plan Big Return

Employees want to return to the office. But the office is not the same as it was before the coronavirus virus pandemic.

Being a small business owner, you need to adjust your small business as you prepare to reopen after coronavirus.

Here are some tips to prepare office post COVID-19 return:

  • Implement business reopening guidelines provided by the authorities
  • Disinfect your facility and remap seating arrangement to ensure social distancing
  • Buy protective gears and install sanitization tunnel
  • Implement temperature check
  • Make a plan to support your employees

Also, you should be ready to address any unexpected challenge Covid-19 can present when your employees return to the office.

About the Survey

Hibob surveyed 2000 US employees across regions, ages, and seniority to know who wants to join the office. You can click here to know more about the survey.


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