34% Working from Home Have Lockdown Lethargy

lockdown lethargy

Almost one-third of one country’s workforce is currently suffering from lockdown lethargy.

A new survey of UK employees found 34% suffering from a lull in production brought on by weariness caused by the COVID-19 pandemic response. While this survey looked at British employees, we presume the feeling is likely mutual in the US. However, it should be noted that restrictions in the UK were slightly stricter than in most of the US.

The data comes from a report compiled by Actus, creators of award-winning performance management software. The research shows 34% of those working from home are suffering from lower energy levels, a mood referred to as ‘Lockdown Lethargy.’

The tendency for people to feel lethargic working from home comes as lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted around the world.

As lockdown is eased, many industries that have been closed for weeks are beginning to reopen, including the hospitality and the so-called non-essential retail businesses.

34% Suffering from Lockdown Lethargy Working from Home

The survey also showed that 84% of those polled have been suffering from fluctuating energy levels in recent weeks. This contrasted to just 8% of workers who say they have had ‘normal’ energy levels while working remotely.

For small business owners everywhere, the findings of the Actus’ research are important. By highlighting the tendency for remote working employees to feel lethargic, employers are in a better position to implement measures to try and invigorate the energy levels of staff.

As Lucinda Carney, CEO of Actus comments in a press statement: “If you speak to colleagues and clients across the board, they talk about feelings of tiredness despite getting adequate sleep. COVID-19 has taken an invisible toll on energy levels and is a worrying consequence for leaders trying to motivate their staff back to ‘normal’.”

Energy-Boosting Strategies for Remote Working Staff

With autumn and winter round the corner, traditional energy-zapping seasons, it’s more important than ever employers have strategies in place to attempt to boost energy levels among remote working staff.

In an attempt to help employers and employees overcome the mental fatigue of life and work in lockdown, Actus has composed ‘5 Steps to Boost Employee Energy’.

Focus on the Human

The steps include focusing on the human being before discussing a task. Focusing on the human will help employers understand their unique circumstances and support them in the best, most productive way.

Enforce Breaks

It’s important to encourage remote workers to take breaks to mentally and physically recharge.

Pick Up the Phone

Actus also recommends remote workers pick up the phone and talk 1-2-1. Talking on the phone can be less exhausting than video calls and messages are less likely to be misinterpreted.

Show Appreciation

Virtual working can lead to feelings of isolation, which doesn’t do energy levels or morale any favours. Showing appreciation to workers for their hard work can go a long way in boosting motivation.

Discuss Wellbeing

Actus also advises employers to discuss well-being with remote working teams. By creating a dialogue around energy levels, wellbeing and sleep, can help iron out the struggles employees may be facing.


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