New Editor X from Wix Improves Web Design Capabilities

wix editor x, a leading website creator, has launched a new innovative website creation platform, Editor X.

Editor X is designed to empower web designers, professionals, and agencies to create exceptional websites. The product was previously available as a closed beta program and is now available to the public.

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Wix Introduces Editor X for Enhanced Website Editing

Editor X features advanced design capabilities, approachable CSS technology, and full development capabilities with Corvid by Wix. Editor X users can take advantage of Wix’s comprehensive suite of business solutions.

Every Small Businesses Needs a Website

In February 2020, before the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown really got going, it was reported that 29% of small businesses planned to start a website in 2020.

In the wake of lockdown, which saw much of the world going online to work, communicate, shop, and more, the need for small businesses to have a website has never been so important.

Striking and functional Website Design

As the competitiveness of the online world escalates, businesses increasingly need websites that showcase products or services in a striking, functional and navigational way.

Small Business Deals

This is where the Editor X platform could prove invaluable for small businesses wanting to improve their online presence and appeal to a greater number of customers.

“Raising the standards” of the Web

Wix co-founder and CEO, Avishai Abrahami says, “Gifted and talented creators have the ability to see the invisible and create the unimaginable. Until now these creators’ only option was platforms with restricted design freedoms or limited business web infrastructure that demanded code and multiple plugins.

“With Editor X, we’ve built the world’s best CSS editor and designed a radical new creative landscape for designers and web professionals, one in which the technology keeps pace with designers’ visions and enables them to swiftly create the breath-taking websites, applications and digital experiences that continually raise the standard of the web,” Abrahami continued.

Overcoming Web Design Challenges

Editor X contains a raft of features designed to enable web designers overcome challenges in web design advancement.

  • Breakpoint Precision: Enables designers to create custom breakpoints, rearrange layouts and choose what to show or hide.
  • CSS Grid: Allows designers to create sites with CSS using the most accessible gateway to CSS available.
  • Flexbox Technology: Gives users leverage to smart layout and content.
  • Custom Code: Connect to internal and external APIs and more.

Integrated Business Infrastructure

Another key feature of Editor X is the ability to access Wix’s expansive range of business solutions. These solutions create optimal website design and capabilities for businesses. That means managing multiple sales channels, setting up online bookings and scheduling, improving SEO performance, and more.

Since the beta launch of Editor X in February, Wix worked on optimizing the platform.

Users can create and publish Editor X free of charge. Premium Editor X plans are available, which comprise of custom domain name registration, online payments, and other features.


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