Adobe Spark Releases Guide for Restaurants to Go Touchless

Go Touchless

It’s never been easier to upgrade your business to include “contactless” transactions. Adobe Spark has released a comprehensive guide that covers everything small business owners and marketers need to implement QR (that square block of black and white symbols that is programmed to carry your info) and other touchless technologies.

Spark is offering a free trial and will be unveiling new templates. These templates make it easy for users to create vibrant in-store signage, mobile menus and social graphics. Communication between customers and staff will remain efficient, while following contact-free business protocols.

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Adobe Spark Contactless Menus for Restaurants

Even before the pandemic, technology was propelling us towards contactless business exchanges. We were getting familiar with using technology for daily tasks such as depositing a check or paying for groceries, said Erica Lenkert.

Lenkert wrote “How to Go Contactless with Your Business for Adobe Spark”. Check it out.

“The first step in taking your business contactless is to consider what options you need to create the most successful interactions with your customers, then implement technology to support it,” Lenkert explained. “How much technology you need depends on your company and its scope.”

Lenkert gave some examples of varying technology needs.

  1. A small neighborhood deli – posts their menu on their website, takes orders and credit card information over the phone, and creates a pick-up area for customers.
  2. Dine-in Restaurant or larger deli – needs more automation for a smoother experience.

How to Pick the Best Approach for Your Business

A contactless menu can be as simple as a website listing or social media image, or as fancy as a customer app. Whether customers place a phone or on-premise order, they’ll be able to access your information through their own technology.

For on-premise interactions, customers are engaged through the help of a QR code. The code is easily programmed to carry your information, such as menus, coupons and more.

QR code generators include Kaywa (fee based), QR code generator (free), Flowcode (free for the first 20 codes generated) and ecommerce website Shopify (free).

“Consider what contactless options you need to create the most successful interactions with your customers, then implement the technology to support it,” Lenkert said. “It will create a safer work environment for your team and your customers.”

Going contactless will streamline operations and keep a small business at the forefront of a business trend that is here to stay, she said.

The new QR templates can also be accessed here, with menu templates available here.

Where Else Adobe Spark Can Help

  • Digital Menu Design Tips
  • Implementing Touchless Payment Options
  • Streamlining the Pick-up Process for Contactless Pick-Up

Evolving to Contactless Protocols Can Save Money

“The restaurant and other retail industries are being forced to evolve at lightning speed in order to survive, thrive and provide a safe experience for staff and customers,” Lenkert said. “There are other benefits to these protocols, which will continue long after the pandemic is behind us.”

“Consider the waste-minimizing benefits of offering digital menus, which means fewer printing costs,” she added. “Cashless payment systems can introduce accounting efficiencies to help you make more data-driven decisions.”

You Go Contactless, Now What? Advertise!

Lenkert said that small businesses should definitely advertise their new operating model in order to inform customers and in many cases, entice folks back in.

“That could mean sharing your protocols over Instagram Stories and linking to your new digital menu, posting beautiful imagery of your offerings and behind-the-scenes peeks of your set-up to show how you’re taking safety seriously, or even creating special deals and incentives to lure customers back in,” Lenkert said. “Spark has templates ready to go to help you promote your new offering, so all you have to do is put your own spin on them.”



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