Nextiva Invests in Company with New Hires, Promotions and Partner Program

nextiva nexus partner program

Nextiva just announced it made the largest channel investment in the company’s history with the launch the Nextiva Nexus Channel Partner Program.

Moreover, the investment comes along with the addition of some key talent to VP positions along with the promotion of Cathryn Valladares to VP of Enterprise Solutions.

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The move by Nextiva highlights the importance of investing in both capital and talent to keep your company growing. Granted not many small businesses can make the same moves as Nextiva at the same time. However, identifying what is necessary for growth and going for it is key.

Nextiva Nexus Channel Partner Program

Eric Roach, former Microsoft sales leader and executive at Accordo Group and Intermedia, was appointed as Nextiva’s VP of Channel Development. In the company blog, Roach says, “The investment that Nextiva is making in the channel is the next step to building upon and accelerating what the company has already been so successful in creating.”

As Roach says, investing more in what you have been successful at and build on it is one way to encourage growth.

For Nextiva it starts with the introduction of Nexus, the much-improved Channel Partner Program.


One thing Nextiva does well is support its partners with industry famous tools and incentives. And the launch of Nexus will enhance the Channel Partner Program even more with free tools and incentives. The support is going to give partners free marketing automation, gamified training, incentives and even more incentives for high achievers.

It all starts with free marketing automation tools for Nextiva premium partners. According to the company, it is “The most robust set of pre- and post-sales tools in the industry.” It also includes CoNEXtion, a complete, full-function marketing automation system.

For partners big and small marketing in a digital ecosystem can get labor-intensive. Automation can resolve this issue and allow partners to focus on key acquisitions.

CoNEXtion is a suite of marketing resources specifically for partners that are powerful, comprehensive, and easy to use. And Nextiva says it is the first company to make such a product for its partners. With CoNEXtion, partners have access to marketing development funds (MDF), campaigns-in-a-box, and co-branded collateral. It also includes 11 tools and resources for demand generation such as:

  • Quality lead syndication
  • Streamlined email automation and analytics
  • Professional landing page generator
  • Seamless social content syndication
  • Partner event concierge
  • Digital and onsite events-in-a-box
  • DIY sales incentives and promotions
  • Nextiva Demand Days – onsite lead syndication
  • Dedicated field marketing managers

The gamified training will improve the effectiveness of the certification process for partners so they can deliver more for their customers. And the incentives from Nextiva, which are industry famous, will also be better.

This will include lucrative promotions, sales performance incentive funds (SPIFs), and an innovative investment-matching marketing development fund (MDF) program. Furthermore, partners achieving Nextiva’s top-tier Platinum Premier status can unlock even more exclusive benefits.

The Talent

Starting with the inhouse promotion, Cathryn Valladares will be the new VP of Enterprise Solutions. Nextiva says Valladares is going to be working with her Enterprise Solutions Team to give partners insights into connected communications solutions for enterprise customers.

Eric Roach’s experience and his new position are on top. Hank Humphreys, who is going to be Nextiva’s new VP of Revenue Strategy and Operations was the former Global Channel Chief at Dropbox and channel leader at Google.

Humphreys reiterated Nextiva’s goal of fully supporting its partners to achieve their goals. He goes on to say, “We aim to ensure a frictionless, highly profitable program for our partners. My team and I are focused on delivering the materials and support our valued partners need in order to excel in the market.”

The hiring and promotion of these employees come after Eric Martorano joined Nextiva as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) in July of 2020. Martorano was the CEO of Accordo Group and GM of Microsoft’s U.S. Channel Sales division before coming aboard. Former Apple executive Marc Stoll was hired as the new President and Chief Operating Officer in May of 2019.

Who is Nextiva?

Nextiva is a business communications company. It provides a unified platform bringing communications, productivity, and customer relationships together so customers can manage these solutions easily in one place.

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