The Best Room Dividers to Build a Home Cubicle

best room dividers

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The rise of people who work from home has brought about an increased need for private home office space. Not everyone has a separate room they can dedicate just to work. But there are options for setting aside part of a room and still enjoy a bit of privacy.

Room dividers can provide a stylish and affordable solution for increased privacy. Many of these products can be folded and put away easily. So you can still enjoy optimal home space when you’re done working for the evening. You don’t need to worry about slapping a cubicle in the middle of your living room.

If you’re looking for the perfect room divider to help you get more work done at home, here are some of the top options to consider.

Best Room DividerMost Versatile Room DividerBest Room Divider Curtains
Rose Home Fashion RHF 6 ft.Tall-15.7" Wide Diamond Weave Fiber 4 Panels Room DividerGiantex 4 Panel 5.6 Ft Tall Wood Room DividerRYB HOME Extra Wide Long Curtain Privacy Office Space Divider Wall Panel
Rose Home Fashion RHF 6 ft.Tall-15.7-inches Wide Diamond Weave Fiber 4 Panels Room DividerGiantex 4 Panel 5.6 Ft Tall Wood Room DividerRYB HOME Extra Wide Long Curtain Privacy Office Space Divider Wall Panel
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Best Room Dividers to Consider

Different teleworkers have different priorities when it comes to setting up their workspace. Some may care most about style, others about budget, and some may even want their pieces to pull double duty. Here’s a selection of products that fit various criteria so you can find the perfect solution for your teleworking office.

Most Decorative Room Dividers

Some folding screens and dividers can make a visual statement. Here are some of the best room dividers for those who want to add some style to their workspaces.

Best Choice Products 5.6ft Tall 6-Panel Folding Freestanding Wood Blind Style Room Divider Privacy Screen

This folding divider from Best Choice Products is perfect for those who have a classic or rustic decor style. It has six panels made of wood to look like shutters. And it easily folds so you can move or store it when you’re done working. It’s 67 inches tall and 96.5 inches wide when stretched out. The price is currently $149.99.

Rose Home Fashion RHF 6 ft.Tall-15.7″ Wide Diamond Weave Fiber 4 Panels Room Divider

From Rose Home Fashion, this divider is perfect for a living room or office with a vintage or eclectic style. It has a woven texture and diamond patterns. It also comes in three colors, including dark brown, light beige, and tan. This four-panel screen model measures 72 inches tall and 63.6 inches wide. It’s priced at $82.99.

Roundhill Furniture Giyano 4 Panel Wood Frame Screen Room Divider

For those with a modern or art deco style, this divider from Roundhill Furniture can help you make a statement. It’s made of pinewood with a black finish and mosaic pattern. It has four panels and measures 70 inches tall by 69.2 inches wide. It costs $119.95.

ZJL Small Flower Room Divider

This ZJL unit includes four small panels with decorative flower designs. It’s like adding some botanical art to your space. It measures 71 inches tall and 68 inches wide. However, you can order it with anywhere from three to ten panels. The four-panel option is $98.

At Work 72″ W x 78″ H Room Divider

If you want something a bit more permanent for your office space, this At Work divider includes a single, sturdy panel. It’s made of aluminum, plexiglass, and steel. And it has a modern design that won’t distract from the decor of a home with a similar style. The panel is 78 inches tall and 72 inches wide and costs $789.

Most Affordable Room Dividers

If you want a way to separate your workspace but don’t want to spend a lot, here are a few of the best options.

Legacy Decor Room Divider Screen Partition Shoji Style

This Legacy Decor product consists of a pine wood frame with white inserts. It comes in a variety of colors, including black, cherry, and espresso. And you can get anywhere from three to ten panels depending on your needs. The three-panel version measures 71 inches by 52 inches and costs $62.

Kernorv Hanging Room Divider Decorative Screen Panels

If you want a more permanent solution, consider these hanging panels from Kernorv. You need to install them onto a ceiling or wall. And they don’t block your entire line of vision. But they can help to define a separate space. Each panel is 15.7 inches square, and the set comes with 12 panels. It’s priced at $39.99.

DormCo Privacy Room Divider

This option from DormCo provides a no-frills solution for privacy. It consists of one continuous piece of white cardboard that is creased for easy folding. It measures 72 inches by 72 inches. And it costs $42.92.

FDW 3 Panel Wood Room Divider

For something a bit more stylish that’s still affordable, consider this one from FDW. It has just three panels. But each one is made of wood and comes in either brown or gray. It measures 67.7 inches by 16.9 inches. It costs $77.04.

FDW Room Divider Wood Screen 4 Panel Wood Mesh Woven Design

Another option from FDW includes four panels with a woven design. It comes in a variety of styles, from basic tan colors to diamond patterns. It measures 71 inches by 70.5 inches when completely extended. And it costs $64.99.

Most Versatile Room Dividers

Some of these products can serve more than one purpose. If you want to use them to display art or knick-knacks, here are some versatile options to consider.

Giantex 4 Panel 5.6 Ft Tall Wood Room Divider

If you want a divider that doubles as a shelving unit, consider this option from Giantex. It includes three display shelves that you can use to decorate your office or make the piece blend in with the rest of your home. It measures 67 inches by 49 inches. And it costs $149.99.

Oriental Furniture 6 ft. Tall Double Sided Works of Van Gogh Canvas Room Divider

If you want your foldable panels to double as a piece of artwork, look no further than this piece from Oriental Furniture. It includes images of Van Gogh paintings on each side. So you can flip it for a new look regularly. It’s also lightweight and measures 71 inches tall by 63 inches wide. The price is $143.99.

MyGift 4-Panel Chalkboard Room Divider

If you want to customize your own divider images, this one from MyGift includes chalkboard panels. So you can easily write notes or draw pictures you want to be displayed around your living and workspace. The 4-panel version measures 70.9 inches tall by 63 inches wide and costs $139.99.

Proman Products Oscar II Picture Folding Screen Wood in Torched Brown

This divider from Proman Products lets you add your own photos to frames that make up each panel. The frames include plexiglass panels and fit 8.5 by 11-inch photos. The product measures 67 inches tall by 54.5 inches wide. And it costs $189.

Brightmaison Vertical Metal Plant Stand

If you want both a divider and a place to show of plants, consider this stand from Brightmaison. It won’t completely block your line of sight. But it does help to define a space and gives you places for plenty of plants. It measures 64 inches tall and 27.25 inches wide and costs $98.99.

Best Room Divider Curtains

Curtains can also serve this purpose very well. Here are some panels and tracks to help you divide up your space.

RYB HOME Extra Wide Long Curtain Privacy Office Space Divider Wall Panel

If you want a portable curtain solution, consider this option from RYB HOME. It includes a rod with grommets. The material is durable and opaque to offer clear separation. It’s also available in a wide array of colors. This option measures 108 inches tall by 180 inches wide and costs $79.95.

RoomDividersNow Tension Rod Room Divider Kit

This curtain set from RoomDividersNow includes a tension rod. So it’s easy to put up and take down as long as there are walls to prop it up against. The curtains come in an array of colors and patterns to match your decor. This option measures 108 inches tall by 48 inches wide and costs $104.95.

RHF Privacy Room Divider Curtain

This RHF curtain is completely opaque and is the same color on both sides. So it’s perfect for privacy but also maintains a stylish look from every vantage point. It comes in various shades of black, gray, and brown and measures 96 inches tall by 144 inches wide. The cost is $59.99.

Labhanshi Moroccan Medallion Floral Ombre Mandala Window Curtains

These Labhanshi curtains can work either over windows or in the middle of a space. They’re well suited to use as a room divider because one or both panels can be tied up when not in use. The panels measure 82 inches by 41 inches and cost $36.99.

KXLIFE Flexible Bendable Ceiling Curtain Track

If you need to divide a space in an irregular shape, this KXLIFE product can help. It’s installed on a ceiling and can curve so you get the exact area you want. You can use it with pretty much any curtains. It runs 16 feet long and costs $32.99.

How do I best divide a room?

Start by deciding what portion of the space you want to separate for your workspace or another purpose. From there, you can choose the type of physical divider that works for your style and budget. A traditional foldable divider is likely to be the easiest and most affordable option. However, you could also use other furniture like bookshelves or install curtains from the ceiling. Use accent decor like plants around the divider to make it look more seamless in the larger design. And don’t forget to take into consideration how it blocks the light in the room. If it does you might need to buy lamps to make for the light the divider is blocking.

Where do I buy room dividers?

If you don’t like the selection above, you can find room dividers at:

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