Spotlight: CyberSignal Technologies Brings New Tech to Historic Market

CyberSignal Technologies Brings New Tech to Historic Market

Tech services like VoIP phone connections are essential for businesses around the country. But not all markets have access to them.

CyberSignal Technologies aims to bring some of those new tech services to a historic town. And there are a few interesting qualities that make this company stand out. Read all about them in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

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What the Business Does

Offers telecommunication services for businesses.

Services include VoIP phone services, computer/information technology services, and government contracting.

Business Niche

Personal service in an underserved market.

The company is a Service-Disabled Veteran owned business in Selma, Alabama.

Small Business Deals

Co-founder John Kinnerson Jr told Small Business Trends, “My company provides excellent service and was one of the first companies to offer VoIP phone solutions in the area.”

How the Business Got Started

To serve clients in their area.

Kinnerson says, “My business partner, Roger Blackmon and I started CyberSignal Technologies in 2019. I had an idea of offering VoIP phone services since no one in the area was at the moment.”

Biggest Win

Serving a major need during the pandemic.

Kinnerson explains, “My company offers phone services that are able to connect anywhere, especially from home. Before the Covid pandemic, many business owners did not really fathom this thought until the shutdown. Since, business has been very good.”

Biggest Risk

Choosing a business structure.

Kinnerson says, “Our biggest risk was deciding to go into a “partnership” with a single company instead of multiple affiliations.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Finding an office.

Kinnerson adds, “I would purchase an office for my company so we can expand.”

Business Mission

Supporting veterans.

Kinnerson says, “I’m a Service Disabled Veteran owned business. We have events for homeless Veterans and Disadvantaged people in the community.”

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Image: CyberSignal Technologies; John Kinnerson Jr and Roger Blackmon

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