ESET Launches Cyber Security Products Bundle for Small Business

Cyber Security Products

ESET just launched its ESET Remote Workforce Offer. This bundle of security products can help small and medium-sized businesses prevent ransomware and malicious threats to protect remote workers.

Remote Work and Security: The bundle is specially designed to address the challenges businesses are facing with remote workers and digital security. ESET says the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape has new attack methods and never-before-seen threats. Adding, companies are sometimes completely in the dark when an attack takes place. Especially small businesses with limited resources.

Affordable Security: By providing this security bundle together, ESET is going to save small companies with limited resources up to 50% from individual security product purchases. And the savings come while providing a robust security solution.

What is in the Bundle?

The bundle includes a layer of defense to prevent ransomware using machine learning models to analyze suspicious files. If it detects any malicious activity, the technology starts protecting your company’s IT infrastructure.

Bundle Solutions:

  • Endpoint Security – It leverages ESET’s multilayered technologies to constantly balance performance, detection, and false positives.
  • File Server Security – Ensures servers are stable and conflict-free by providing advanced protection to all network file storage, general servers, and multi-purpose servers. It also ensures business continuity by limiting restarts and maintenance windows to a minimum.
  • Cloud-based Security Analysis – As a cloud-based sandboxing solution it evaluates the behavior of all submitted samples with threat intelligence feeds, ESET’s multiple internal tools for static and dynamic analysis and reputation data to detect zero-day threats.
  • Full Disk Encryption – It increases your organization’s data security to meet compliance regulations with ESET Full Disk Encryption managed natively by ESET remote management consoles.

 Managing Your Security

Once you have the service, the web-based ESET Cloud Administrator console allows you to manage your company’s network security remotely. This means you do not have to buy, install, or maintain additional hardware. For small businesses, this translates to a low cost of ownership for a critically important tool.

The console puts all your network security management in one place with secure access via a web browser. The platform also ensures you always get the latest version with automatic updates.

ESET Remote Workforce Offer is now available.


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