Brick and Mortar Business in These States Are Rebounding from the Pandemic

Brick and Mortar Business

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause pains for the nation’s brick-and-mortar locations. While some areas of the country are seeing a glimmer of hope, others are still struggling through the recovery.

A new study from Zenreach, a retail marketing technology company, found that foot traffic to the nation’s retail and other locations has remained steady throughout most of the pandemic, although at roughly half of the pre-pandemic levels.

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Brick and Mortar Rebounding in These States

“Foot traffic to retail shops, restaurants, and offline venues across the country is down quite significantly,” said John Kelly, Zenreach CEO. “As a country, we hit our low point in mid-April when in-store traffic was down 75% from the previous year. To my knowledge, we have never seen such a precipitous drop in foot traffic.”

Kelly added that he saw a slow but steady increase from mid-April through June, but since July, retail traffic has flattened, remaining around the 50% mark for the past four months.

Several states are leading the country in foot traffic increases over the two weeks preceding October 30, according to Zenreach. These include:

  • Oklahoma: +4.6%
  • Georgia: +4.4%
  • North Carolina: 4.3%
  • New Jersey: +2.7%
  • Utah: +2.7%

On the other hand, these five states lead the nation in foot traffic decrease over the same time frame:

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  • Wisconsin: -6.4%
  • Colorado: -6.3%
  • Illinois: -6.3%
  • Maryland: -4.2%
  • Connecticut: -4.2%

image: Zenreach
The same holds for some individual industries. Sports centers and outdoor sports are seeing an 11.6% uptick, while hotels and accommodations are experiencing an equal decrease. Places of worship are up 3.3%, while retail is down 4%. Medical locations are up 2.3%, and marijuana dispensaries are down 8.2%.

Kelly’s predictions for the holiday season are dire.

“As we look toward the holiday season and Q4, and we consider the possibility of continued COVID-19 cases and the continuance (if not return) of some form of business restrictions, we do not see a return to pre-COVID levels of foot traffic for many more months,” he said.

Every two weeks, Zenreach shares foot-traffic trend data collected from a proprietary network of more than 45 million users. The data reported here are from the two weeks prior to October 30.



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