Best Bubble Mailers

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More small businesses are now online, which requires shipping items to their customers near and far. This means ensuring the safety of each item during shipping with the right packing material. Bubble mailers protect the item you ship so they arrive at their destination safely.

Another benefit of using bubble mailers is they are an easy and cost-effective way for your business to protect your merchandise. While boxes provide added protection, bubble mailers can offer similar protection for small items without added cost.

The key is to ship items with bubble mailers that do not require heavy-duty protection because they have their limitations. Take a look at our list of the best bubble mailers for the next time you need to ship an item to your customers.

Best Bubble Mailers


UCGOU Black Poly Bubble Mailers

UCGOU 6x10 Inch Black Poly Bubble Mailers Padded Envelopes Shipping Bags 50pcs

Top Pick: This is one of the most reviewed bubble mailers on Amazon with 10,261 ratings. The UCGOU mailer is opaquer, even though it is black, than other mailers. This feature hides the items you have in the envelope. The envelopes are self-sealing, and the line of the bubbles is at 80gsm or (grams per square meter).

UCGOU 6×10 Inch Black Poly Bubble Mailers Padded Envelopes Shipping Bags 50pcs

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Metronic Poly Mailers

Metronic 25pcs Poly Bubble Mailers 10.5x16 Inch Padded Envelopes

Runner Up: The Metronic bubble mailers are made with multilayered polyethylene sheets to protect the content within it. The self-adhesive envelope has a tamperproof seal so you cannot open it without any visible signs. Best of all, Metronic offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Metronic 25pcs Poly Bubble Mailers 10.5×16 Inch Padded Envelopes #5 Bubble Lined Poly Mailer Self Seal Classic Blue

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Scotch Bubble Mailer

Scotch Bubble Mailer, 10.5 x 15.25-Inches

Best Value: This bubble mailer comes from Scotch, a brand known for its packing materials. This kraft-paper mailer has a durable barrier to protect your item along with the bubbles. The company says the bubbles have superior burst strength capable of resisting punctures or tears.

Scotch Bubble Mailer, 10.5 x 15.25-Inches, Size #5, 25-Pack

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GSSUSA White Poly Mailers

GSSUSA White Poly Bubble Mailers 6x10 Padded Envelopes

The end-to-end self-adhesive tapes on the GSSUSA bubble mailers ensure a tight waterproof seal. You can get these mailers in five different colors and three different sizes (4×8,6×10,8.5×12). This company also offers 100% satisfaction with each purchase.

GSSUSA White Poly Bubble Mailers 6×10 Padded Envelopes #0 Shipping Envelopes Self Sealing

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Sales4Less #5 Poly Mailers

Bubble Mailers 10.5X16 Inches Padded Envelope Mailer Waterproof Pack of 100

Made from polypropylene the Sales4Less bubble mailers have 3/16” bubbles to cushion the items you put in the envelopes. It provides a puncture, tamper, and water-resistant container once you seal it with the peel-and-seal self-adhesive strip. The company also offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Sales4Less #5 Poly Bubble Mailers 10.5X16 Inches Padded Envelope Mailer Waterproof Pack of 100

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Fuxury #5 Inch Mailer

Forest Green Bubble Mailer Self Seal Padded Envelopes

Fuxury has mailers in eight different colors. They are made from heavy-duty 100% plastic using hot-pressing technology to ensure durability. The envelope is lined with air cellular layers and 360°strong air bubble technology. And it includes a white inner liner to protect the privacy of the content. Fuxury offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with its products.

Fuxury #5 10.5×16 Inch Forest Green Bubble Mailer Self Seal Padded Envelopes Pack of 25

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LIMNUO Poly Mailers

LIMNUO 25pcs Pink Poly Bubble Mailers 8.5x12 Inch Padded Envelopes Self Seal Envelopes Bag

This line of poly mailers come in three colors and three different sizes (4×8,6×10,8.5×12) at an affordable price. Made from polypropylene material, it will not add to your shipping cost while protecting your item inside from moisture.

LIMNUO 25pcs Pink Poly Bubble Mailers 8.5×12 Inch Padded Envelopes Self Seal Envelopes Bag

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Choose the Best Bubble Mailer

  • Size: When you buy a bubble mailer, you must consider two dimensions; the interior and exterior dimensions. The interior dimension is the usable size. This is what the mailer will hold inside. And the exterior size is for shipping costs.
  • Self-seal mailers: These envelopes are not small and if you are a business you are probably sending out many of them. You do not want to be licking large envelopes to seal them. Self-sealing mailers have a strong adhesive that provides a tight seal.
  • Paper or plastic: Kraft paper is strong, but it has its limitations when it comes to moisture. Poly bubble mailers on the other hand are waterproof. Choose the mailer depending on what you are shipping and the protection it requires.
  • Branding and color: If you need a large number of bubble mailers, you can get custom colors and even have your brand on the envelope. This is a great way to send your package in style while advertising who you are during the transit.

Bubble mailers have become an essential part of eCommerce when it comes to shipping. If you are doing a lot of shipping as part of your business, invest in custom envelopes with your brand, logo, and color on it. This will add yet another differentiating factor customers will appreciate.


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