Raju Vegesna As Chief Evangelist at Zoho, Raju Vegesna plays a leading role in presenting Zoho's message to the business market worldwide.

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  1. This is creepy. We need to get back to where companies trust their employees and don’t feel the need for intrusive surveillance.

  2. We believe everyone who uses the internet for banking and business purposes, should at least invest in secure email and a virtual private network (VPN). We’ve listed the VPN our company employs and how anyone can use it for business, travel, entertainment and most importantly, internet security. Currently, it’s 70% off with a free trial which makes it both risk free and very affordable. To say it’s simple to use is an understatement. Best, Rob at Telethink

  3. This is an interesting and important read. I agree that remote work has enabled businesses to adapt through times of change, but certainly poses a potential risk in terms of data vulnerability.

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