24 Hour Translation Offers Quick Service for Small Firms

24 Hour Translation

Today’s businesses need to operate in a global economy. Even if you work locally, there’s a good chance that some of your employees or customers may speak other languages. You may even need medical or legal documents in other languages.

So 24 Hour Translation Services wants to help businesses bridge that gap. The company currently operates in Houston and Dallas. But their services can be beneficial for companies around the country. Even with automated options like Google Translate, this more personal option fills a very real need. Here’s what small businesses should know about the company and the importance of translation services.

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24 Hour Translation Services

Sarah and Peter Detlef hatched the idea for 24 Hour Translation Services about 20 years ago. An Air Force veteran, Sarah spent most of her adult life in Germany, China, Russia, France, Scotland, and Central America. She also holds multiple language degrees and teaches French, Spanish and German for the U.S. Department of Defense. With a business and marketing background, Peter runs the business end of 24 Hour Translation Services.

The company currently has two locations — one in Houston and one in Dallas. They mainly work with business clients in those cities. But they’ll also help clients around the country and the world. The team provides personal attention to each client who needs documents or publications translated. And they offer translation services in a huge array of languages. Basics like Spanish, French, and German are covered. But so are more specialized languages like Hmong, Rwandan, and various Kurdish dialects.

Additionally, they offer notary services for official documents. And they can turn around time sensitive translations quickly — sometimes in just a day.

Peter Detlef said in an email to Small Business Trends, “In each city, we have a team of translators and a notary public who offer rapid certified translation services for businesses and individuals needing official translations of financial, medical, legal and other types of documents.”

Why Your Business Needs Translation Services

Every business’s translation needs are different. Some need training documents translated for employees. Others need to translate presentations for clients. Some even need legal or medical documents translated if they operate in other countries.

Peter Detlef adds, “The world is global and mobile. Daily, local businesses hire non-English-speaking employees, serve non-English-speaking customers, purchase from non-English-speaking companies, and market goods and services in non-English-speaking countries. Locally, lawyers represent non-English-speaking clients, and doctors treat non-English speaking patients. You can understand how the need for translation services transcends all industries. We must all communicate, but not everyone understands English, and some people understand it only enough to understand so incompletely that they confuse more than they explain and offend more than they help.”

Prices for Translation

Since every document is different, the cost for every job is different. However, 24 Hour Translation Services works hard to make sure their prices are clear and predictable.

Peter Detlef says, “While the price per word varies for each language, our pricing structure is fairly consistent. For example, if your document has 254 words and you need it translated into Spanish, we charge $0.087 per word, or $22.10. We don’t charge credit card processing fees or any other hidden fees. In fact, if your translation needs to be certified and notarized, the price is included.”

You can get a more exact quote for your job on the company’s website. Simply add your name, contact information, due date, language, and special instructions. You can then upload your document. And they’ll get back to you with an exact price.

Translation Services Vs. Google Translator

Of course, there are plenty of automated translation services available today. Many, including the popular Google Translate, are available for free. So some businesses may wonder why they’d pay for a service they could theoretically get for free.

However, there’s a clear difference in quality between Google Translate and 24 Hour Translation Services. If you’ve ever used Google Translate, you’ll notice that sometimes the words are jumbled or don’t sound natural. This may work fine for travelers who simply need to get an idea across to servers or waitstaff overseas. But it’s not sufficient enough for entire presentations or legal documents.

Peter Detlef explains, “Unlike online software programs, human translators adjust for local language dialects, conventions and connotations. They also adjust text to local culture, beliefs and protocols–actions that software cannot perform.”

Basically, when you work with 24 Hour Translation Services, you get a completed document or publication that sounds natural. The words aren’t out of order. And they provide accurate translations that account for differences in verbiage among languages.

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