Google Introduces New Features for Small Business on Maps and Search

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Your online small business profile now must provide a whole host of information. And you have to make this information available quickly and accurately. Google is making this possible by bringing messaging capabilities and customer insights on Google Maps and Search.

This new feature is the second part of an effort by Google to simplify the way businesses update their information. In May of this year, the company made it possible to update your Business Profile directly from Maps and Search. This time around, you can access more Google products and features to engage with your customers as well as update your business information. And you can do all this from the same place with direct messaging.

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Google Maps and Search Updates for Local Businesses

If you are a verified business, you can now message your customers directly from the Google Maps app. All you have to do is turn messaging on from your business profile. After you turn it on, you can start responding to customers on Google Maps from the business messages section in the “Updates” tab. What is more, you will soon be able to see your messages right from Google Search and message customers directly from your computer.

Customers can also start a conversation from any post you create. Likewise, if they are trying to call you and you don’t answer, they can send you a message. For businesses using a messaging partner, you can sign up to access the Business Messages API and look at Google’s developer guide for further information.

While you are engaging with customers in this way, you will undoubtedly generate more data. You can use the updated performance insights, launched this summer, on Search and Maps to get a detailed report of the interactions you have with your customer. Some of the data it provides include, a breakdown of calls and messages initiated from customers on Google and the total number of interactions over a period.

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You can go through the metrics it provides monthly.

Keeping your Customers Informed

Even before the pandemic customers were looking to get more informed about the companies they do business with. But now there is more need to get instant and accurate information. Messaging is one way you can keep them abreast of the latest going on in your business.

Not having this option is a reason for customers to quickly look for another business.

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  1. Yes, Google, Facebook, and Whatsapp are trying to make the small business online journey easy so they can use an online marketing platform to grow their business smoother. And I think these messaging feature will really help the business owner to be in touch with their consumer.

  2. Seems like Google is trying to steal some of Facebook’s Messenger thunder with this move. And many businesses will now try to cover communications in both channels.

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