Taylor Backman Taylor Backman, Senior Evangelist at Zoho, is a customer advocate who helps spread the Zoho message to organizations around the world.

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  1. Business has definitely shifted this year more than ever. Love this list of advice – especially the first one. Focusing more on current customers and attracting some new customers along the way. Great list. Good advice.

  2. I really hope the pandemic opens peoples eyes about remote working. There are so few things that actually require a person’s physical presence in an office. Give them the option/space but let people find what is best for their own productivity.

  3. Information article, it was very helpful! I simply began in this and I’m attractive more familiar with it better! Thanks, keep doing amazing..

  4. By the way, advice is just very handy in our time, when the number of online companies has doubled, and it seems to me that everything will remain so))

  5. What’s the best way to grow my small online business, how to get more leads?

  6. Money week recently did an interview with the business owner who had was just about to open nine more artisan soap shops in Edinburgh just before the pandemic hit. He made the decision to pivot very quickly to online but had to go through a couple of agencies before he found his sweet spot. Now he says he’s almost glad that the pandemic arrived as his profitability has far exceeded expectations than if he had stayed with a physical presence strategy.

  7. the last year has showed how to get in front of the right audience. Thanks for the advice