Strikingly Debuts Custom Checkout Fields and Other Upgrades to Ecommerce Users

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Strikingly has announced the launch of its customized checkout fields and upgrades for e-commerce users. The latest offering by the website builder allows users with a website store to provide their customers with additional options. This includes how to checkout, options to expand sections on their website store to showcase additional services and more.

Strikingly Debuts Custom Checkout Fields for Ecommerce Merchants

Strikingly’s upgrades are for users of its website builder and its ecommerce add-on. Among the latest offerings are:

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  • The ability of website stores to modify the checkout flow for customers. These include processing customer-specific information regarding issues related to delivery or fulfillment. Thus, offering a personalized customer checkout experience.
  • Strikingly now allows users to add a Checkout Notice Message to appear on the top of a checkout page. This will help remind customers of some important information before checkout. Customers have the option of getting checkout notices either through their phones, custom messages, and/or gift instructions.
  • With the ability to modify and add checkout fields website store owners can now collect additional customer info. This includes custom dimensions for materials, or a unique message to print on a shirt.
  • Users can upload their own custom fonts when they design their website. This added feature will help Strikingly users to push their own branding through typography as an extension of their brand. Users can upload a total of 25 custom fonts for their account. They will however be required to limit their font file size to 5 MB.
  • The revamped Section Selector in the editor allows for easy selection of sections.

Why You Need Ecommerce

Let us face it, we are in an age where e-commerce is front and center in the era of COVID-19. More and more customers are looking to the internet to check out items, look for customer reviews ad make purchases.

Irrespective of the size of your business you will have to eventually take the plunge into e-commerce if you want to see your business grow. Thankfully there are several website builders that offer their services for your specific needs. Do it yourself website builders are a relatively cheap way to build your website.

They offset the cost of having to buy a separate theme and hiring a web designer to build your website. You can do this all by yourself for a small monthly fee and while building your website at your own pace.

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