ThryvPay Says it is First Payment Provider for Small Service Business


Thryv Holdings, providers of Thryv software, a fully integrated, end-to-end customers experience platform for small businesses, has announced the launch of ThryvPay.

ThryvPay enables users to get paid via credit card and ACH (Automatic Clearing House) payments. The system is designed for service-based small businesses. In fact, according to Thryv, the new feature is the first payment processing service aimed specifically for service-driven small businesses.

ThryvPay for Service Businesses

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for contactless payments has been escalating. The rise in popularity is due to how contactless payments offer a significantly safer and more convenient payment solution than other types of payments.

ThryvPay allows service-based businesses to offer consumers safe, contactless and immediate online payments. They can also offer automated scheduled payments, membership or customized installment plans, conforming to the growing demand for more seamless and customized payment options.

Greater Financial Stability

The uncertain financial climate of present has created financial insecurity for many small businesses. Thryv’s new feature aims to eliminate such insecurity by allowing smalls businesses to know immediately that ACH funds are available at the point of sale.

As the negative consequences of the health crisis continue to bite, small businesses of all industries are looking for ways to save money. With competitive rates on transaction fees and no surprise charges, ThryvPay is likely to be appealing to many service-based businesses struggling with cashflow.

Small Business Deals

Ryan Cantor, Thryv’s VP of Product and Marketing commented on how the feature will help small businesses overcome payment obstacles.

““Payment processing isn’t new to us at Thryv because we’ve been helping small businesses get paid for years. But over the years, we’ve seen the pain our small business clients experience every day when trying to process payments. With ThryvPay, we created functionality that allows them to accept a variety of payments, lets them know funds are available in real time, and we’re completely transparent about transaction fees – so there are never any surprises. These are the daily solutions service-based small businesses need, and ThryvPay delivers on every one of them.”

Convenience Fees and Tipping

Small service-based businesses can also take advantage of being able to capture every dollar by passing on optional convenience fees for customers who want to pay by credit card.

The system also allows customers to leave a tip, meaning businesses don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive tips.

Bringing greater convenience to payments, with ThryvPay consumer credit card and bank account details are securely stored in the businesses’s Thryv account. Having such information safely stored, makes future payments easier.

Real-time Reporting and Assistance

Businesses can also benefit from real-time payment reporting, as ThryvPay integrates and auto-syncs with QuickBooks. Users also have access to dedicated support for any disputes or queries.

In today’s increasingly virtual world, the savviest of small businesses, including service-based businesses, should be looking for ways to streamline payments. By making payments safer and efficient, the new ThryvPay feature can help small service businesses become more professional and efficient whilst complying with evolving consumer demands.


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