Vendasta Provides White Label Services for Small Business

White Label Services

Digital tools have become increasingly important for small businesses this year. But managing all of those different tools can turn into a chore.

Vendasta aims to solve this problem. The company provides digital solutions designed specifically for local businesses. And it does so under one platform with a single sign-in.

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However, you might not recognize the company’s name. Instead of selling directly to end users, they provide white label services through channel partners.

This means the company’s offerings may be of interest to a variety of businesses. First, local businesses can use the services by working through those channel partners. And companies that want to offer digital tools to small businesses can do so through Vendasta’s white label services.

If your business fits into either of these categories, here’s a rundown of what the company offers.

What is Vendasta?

Vendasta provides end-to-end ecommerce solutions designed for small businesses. But it doesn’t offer the platform directly to small businesses. Instead, it offers the platform through other business partners. And those partners can brand the platform and market it to businesses in their area or niche.

Dani Mario, Director of Corporate Marketing & Communications for Vendasta said in an email to Small Business Trends, “Vendasta’s end-to-end ecommerce platform helps the likes of marketing agencies, software vendors, and media companies sell, bill, and fulfill digital services to small and medium business (SMB) clients. In turn, these SMB customers are provided with a customized Business App, where they can access and use selected products, and monitor their business analytics in one place.”

Mario adds, “Vendasta’s 40,000+ channel partners deliver the App and solutions to more than 4 million SMBs worldwide.”

What Services Does Vendasta Provide?

The platform Vendasta has created for local businesses is designed to simplify their digital toolkit. There’s an app and online platform to help them manage all aspects of their ecommerce operation.

Mario Explains, “Vendasta’s technology allow a small business to simplify its digital needs by using one central app, offering everything from productivity software (like Google Workspace and Office 365), to ecommerce-enabled websites, security software, and digital marketing products. It’s everything a business needs to manage their online presence and beat the competition under one platform sign-on with simplified billing.”

For partners, Vendasta provides a fully developed platform they can sell under their own brand. They also offer sales and marketing tools to make it easy for them to connect with customers.

To know exactly what Vendasta offers for its partners, it’s important to understand white label vs. private label. Private label is a product that is sold exclusively through one retailer. White label is a product that is sold through multiple providers. But the product can be branded for each provider so they can sell it under their own name.

Mario says, “Many of the local experts who partner with Vendasta are small or medium businesses themselves, such as web and design agencies, product or service vendors, and marketing entrepreneurs. Vendasta helps these groups feel like billion dollar software companies. They’re able to provide a cohesive and helpful Business App experience to their local business customers without the development time or costs, and it’s all reflected under their own brand. Not to mention, they use the platform to automate their marketing, improve their sales efficiencies, manage their billing, and ensure projects are expertly completed.”

How Much Is Vendasta?

For businesses interested in selling Vendasta’s white label platform, the price is determined on a subscription basis. But there’s a free trial available. And monthly plans range from $42 to $999 per month. The least expensive plan, which is most likely to appeal to small providers, includes functionality for one team member. It also includes 15 business toolkits and snapshot reports each month.

Mario explains, “These businesses pay for subscription access to the sales, marketing, merchant services, and product management tools. The wholesale price of marketplace products are transferred to clients at retail price, providing the Vendasta partners with monthly recurring revenue.”

For the businesses that are interested in using the actual Vendasta platform, prices vary.

Mario adds, “For small businesses using a Business App provided by a Vendasta partner, the costs associated are determined by their local experts.”

The platform isn’t available directly through Vendasta. So you have to work with a partner to reap the benefits.

If you’re looking to become a partner, you can choose a plan or sign up for a free trial online.

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