These are the Best Cities for Gig Delivery Work in the US

These are the Best Cities for Gig Delivery Work in the US

Some states seem to be well suited for gig delivery work compared to others according to data from AdvisorSmith. The data examined 376 cities to find the 50 best cities for gig economy delivery workers as well as places where gig workers earn the most on a cost-of-living adjusted basis.

This is a timely report as more consumers are using delivery services for many different reasons. Key among them is the pandemic and social distancing, which is responsible for a boom of sorts.

Best Cities for Gig Delivery Drivers

The gig economy has seen a boost in recent years. Spurred by e-commerce and an uptick in online orders, gig delivery work has seen a boom. Since the start of the pandemic, more customers are looking to have items delivered to them rather than shop in stores.

The lure of gig delivery work comes with a flexible schedule, freedom and personal fulfillment. With gig delivery work people have the option of short-term positions, on-demand positions, and freelance work.

Similarly, the gig economy has allowed businesses to have a diverse pool of flexible workers at their disposal. Especially those in restaurants and delivery services, who are seizing the opportunities thanks to a flurry of delivery applications being released to help them manage orders as well as their fleets.

Top Ten Best Cities for Gig Delivery Workers

  1. Beckley, West Virginia is the top city for Gig Delivery Work registering a low cost of living index value of 78.8. The average earnings for gig delivery workers in Beckley in the city is $28,149.
  2. Tyler, Texas the largest city in northeast Texas has driven demand for delivery services in the city. Tyler offers a below-average cost of living of 93 points with annual earnings reaching $31,276.
  3. Homosassa Springs, Florida registered 95.5 points on the cost-of-living index with average annual earnings at $28,744.
  4. St. Cloud, Minnesota is Minnesota’s 10th most populous city, and gig delivery workers make an average of $28,920 per year.
  5. Ocala, Florida offers gig delivery workers in the medium-size city an average of $25,592 per year and scored 96.2 on the cost of living index.
  6. Prescott, Arizona scored 105.8 on the cost-of-living index with gig delivery workers averaging $28,010 per year.
  7. Hartford, Connecticut gig delivery workers stand to make an average of $26,265 per year, registering 106.4 points on the cost-of-living index.
  8. Miami, Florida offers gig delivery work opportunities to make an average of $19,503 per year scoring 112.8 points on the cost-of-living index.
  9. Cheyenne, Wyoming drivers make an average of $25,187 per year with the cost-of-living index at 99.6 points.
  10. Greenville, South Carolina gig workers make an average of $15,482 per year. And the city’s cost of living index is 94.9.

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The Report

The ranking is from tax returns that show earnings and employment data for gig workers in the delivery industry. And it covers the top small, midsize, and large cities.

Interestingly though, large cities offer the most opportunities for gig delivery workers, with their large populations and density. However, they are also much less affordable for gig delivery workers.



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