Upwork Launches Project Catalog

Project Catalog

Upwork has announced the launch of its Project Catalog, a curated collection of predefined projects that customers can browse and buy at a fixed price in just a few clicks. The release is part of an ongoing expansion of Upwork and is expected to help businesses and freelancers to work together instantly on the Upwork marketplace.

Project Catalog

Project Catalog offers an e-commerce-like experience for businesses to quickly find what they are looking for in freelance professionals and pay a fixed price to have it done. With the platform, essential project information such as scope, cost, timing, and deliverables are pre-packaged by Upwork talent so that businesses know exactly what to anticipate.

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They can also browse Project Catalog to discover and find inspiration in the wide range of work done by the expert independent talent on Upwork.

What You get from Project Catalog:

  • Project Catalog contains tens of thousands of projects across more than 300 categories, including design, web development, translation, and writing.
  • For more complex or ongoing work, businesses can continue to have the option to post a job in Upwork’s marketplace.
  • Information on a project’s scope, cost, timing, and deliverables is clearly posted by the talent on Upwork so that buyers can have confidence in the final product.
  • Freelancers for their part can build a project offering once and land new contracts from it again and again.
  • For each project freelancers, can set the scope, price, timing, and requirements. If they like, they can also provide a range of pricing tiers to scale project scope up or down. Once they have built a project, it will be available for clients to search and buy through Project Catalog.

Tapping in the Freelance Boom

Thanks to advances in technology in recent years, the lure of freelancing has allowed many to find balance in their lives as well as earn a living by ditching the traditional nine to five job.

In fact, some 75% of the freelancers earn equal or more than when they were doing a full-time job. Upwork has an estimated twelve million registered freelancers and five million registered clients.

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