How Well Do You Really Know Your Customers Now?

How Well Do You Really Know Your Customers Now?

During the COVID economy, small business owners must get to know what their customers need now. If you haven’t checked on how you can help customers in the last few months, it is critical you do that because what they want in 2021 is changing on an ongoing basis.

On the Small Business Radio Show this week, Faiza Hughell, Senior Vice President of Small Business at RingCentral discusses ways you can get to know your customer better to drive customer satisfaction and high net promoter scores.

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Interview with Faiza Hughell of RingCentral

Faiza recommends that every small business practice “customer-centric selling” which places your customers at the heart of your selling strategy. She adds that every company needs to “sell to the customer the way they want to buy” and get to know the customer through “a joint journey for mutual success”.

Faiza reminds every small business owner that becoming a “trusted advisor” for your customer is a continuous journey and is not something that just happens when they are new to your organization; “you need to get to know them through all their ups and downs.” More than any other year, 2020 was difficult for many customers and according to Faiza that understanding starts with a bit of empathy for what they went through.

RingCentral recently held two small business school challenges. They paired small business with MBA graduates to help them find new business models so they could evolve and innovate during the COVID pandemic.

In 2021, Faiza believes that small business owners need to adapt a work from anywhere model. Just because they are small “doesn’t mean they don’t need similar technology that a larger enterprise uses”.

Listen to the entire interview with Faiza on the Small Business Radio Show.

Image: ringcentral

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  1. Heard an interesting idea on Twitter the other day. It recommended you upload two customer lists into an ad platform (like Facebook or Snapchat). One list of customers pre-pandemic and one list of customers from March 17, 2020 – today. Then you compare the two lists and see how your customers have changed.

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