Raju Vegesna As Chief Evangelist at Zoho, Raju Vegesna plays a leading role in presenting Zoho's message to the business market worldwide.

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  1. I like that businesses are considering hybrid and seeing how it could work better for their employees. It gives you the flexibility to help each individual employee maximize their work hours, which is good for the business and employee.

  2. Thanks for the share. In terms of smaller business I think we are going to see a continued shift towards work from home or hybrid. I don’t see very many of our clients ever returning to the pre-pandemic work environment.

  3. i feel that this is the way forward for most business’s giving the current circumstances. I really feel that giving the employee’s the freedom to choose where to work from would be beneficial on so many levels. with social distancing being a big part of our lives right know having the option to work from home or going to the office is great i feel it will help so much with people who suffer with anxiety. I feel this should greatly benefit the employer too by keeping the moral of the working team on high spirits.

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