Want to Improve the Customer Experience? Consider These Expert Tips

improve the customer experience

The customer experience can encompass tons of elements — from your website to the in-person sales process. Even though it can get complicated, putting yourself in your customers’ shoes is a must. And improving the experience may help you convert more leads and keep more customers. Here are tips from members of the online small business community for doing just that.

Ask for Customer Feedback

You can’t hope to improve the customer experience if you don’t first know where they stand. If you want helpful feedback to help you make improvements, you need to gather feedback. That means you have to ask for it. This GatherUp post by Holly Stanley includes tips and templates to help you do just that.

Increase Your Revenue With Call Tracking

There are tons of ways for businesses to track customer interactions online. But there are fewer options when dealing with more traditional leads and communication methods. In this Marketing Land post, Cynthia Ramsaran details the benefits of call tracking for this purpose.

Improve Your On-Page SEO

SEO is often what brings new customers to your website. So choosing the right content and keywords is an early part of the customer experience. Guarav Belani shares a checklist and tips in this Search Engine Watch post.

Optimize Conversions with Heatmap Tools

Heatmaps detail how customers interact with websites. And they go beyond simple clicks and keywords. Focusing on this part of the customer experience may help you increase conversions. Adeyemi Adisa of Onaplatterofgold.com dives into the practice in this post.

Score More Sales Appointments

If you want to improve the in-person customer experience, you first need to get in front of more customers. That’s where sales appointments come in. If you’re not booking as many as you’d like, check out the tips in this Novocall post by Ishwar Singh.

Utilize Your Instagram Account Throughout Your Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is another way to manage the entire customer experience through the buying process. Since today’s customers are constantly on social media, it makes sense to manage this process on those platforms. In this Social Media Today post, Ann Smarty outlines how to utilize your Instagram account for this purpose.

Create Social Media Contests with These Tools

Contests are another way to improve the experience on social media. And there are many tools you can use to run these promotions directly on your favorite platforms. Lindsey Liedke goes over some of the top options in this Profit Blitz post.

Get Your Blog Noticed Among Millions

New blogs are popping up in every industry daily. So if you plan to use one as a marketing tool or revenue stream, you need to be able to stand out. Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive elaborates in this post. And members of the BizSugar community discussed the concept further here.

Write an About Page for Your Blog

A strong about page is one way you can make a blog stand out among tons of competitors. In this Blogging Wizard post, Lyn Wildwood offers tips for creating an effective about page. And you can see more commentary from the BizSugar community here.

Use Content Marketing to Improve Your Business

Content marketing can help you bring in new customers and build trust. Those are both essential components of creating a positive customer experience. Learn more about why this concept is so important in this Miss Millennia Magazine post.

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  1. Another great step is to study UI/UX design. (Apple understands this well with their intuitive designs).

  2. Interesting article! Something else that you could add to your list is website page speed. Speed is a critical ranking factor for the major Google update which is coming in 2021 – called Core Web Vitals. All small business’s should be prepared for this update.

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