What Does the Future of Networking Look Like? (INFOGRAPHIC)


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed working practices, forcing businesses to rapidly adopt a work from home model. Are the new ways of working the pandemic has left in its path here to stay? If so, what are the challenges of remote work and how will it impact business operations like collaboration and networking?

To shed light on the most pertinent questions surrounding the remote working revolution, Ananda Networks, providers of cloud-managed networking and cybersecurity products and services, developed ‘The Future of Networking’ Infographic. The infographic was developed by Nowsourcing, an infographic design agency. The research came from a number of sources, based on the findings of surveys and statistics.

The Future of Work From Home

According to the Infographic, by 2025, 87% more Americans will be working from home compared to before the pandemic. 80% of executives plan to continue allowing remote work after the pandemic. Almost all (96%) of employees want to continue to work remotely after the health crisis is over – 65% want to work remotely fulltime and 31% would like a hybrid office model. Ananda’s research also found that 78% of executives say remote collaboration is here to stay.

Challenges of Remote Work

Despite the popularity of working from home, it is no without its challenges. The key challenges identified by the infographic is internet speed. 35% of surveyors said they couldn’t complete work due to a slow internet. 43% had used phones as hotspots during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Increase in Cyberattacks

Security is another leading concern. The infographic points to 60% of organizations reporting an increase in cyberattacks It also found that clunky VPNs and remote access software makes it difficult to be productive. The Ananda survey unveiled that the majority of remote workers are unhappy with their VPN experience.

Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Working

To overcome the challenges and obstacles of the new remote working era, Ananda advises businesses to reimagine network access for remote workforces. This should include moving to a cloud-managed, SASE model, and creating a private network in minutes, not weeks.

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  1. I can relate to the internet speed and data use. I’ve been paying for extra data the past several months and have had numerous issues with internet connectivity crashing meetings.

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