Keap Debuts New Functions, Uses for Its Small Business Tool


Small business automation is picking up speed this year.  And a company that’s already tweaked its automation tools are at it again. Keap’s new updates to Easy Automations include automatic invoice follow-ups.

“Keap is an all-in-one sales and marketing automation platform. We combine CRM, marketing automation, sales automation and eCommerce, ” says Scott Martineau, co-founder and CMO of Keap. “Keap helps small businesses automate repetitive tasks to save time, increase sales and eliminate business chaos.”

Keap Updates Automation Tools for Small Business

The company announced Easy Automations last October. In April, Keap expanded Easy Automations, releasing new templates and triggers.

The new tools are also automated. With the updates, you can follow up automatically when an invoice is sent. Plus, they allow small businesses the ability to quickly follow up on leads , book appointments, send reminders, and follow up after a purchase.

The new tweaks are designed to automate repetitive tasks so small business owners can concentrate on increasing profit.

Martineau included some specific examples.

“A business consultant who is offering a free initial consultation can use Easy Automations,” he says. “They can automatically send out a message (email or text) when a lead fills out a form on their website.”

The automatic follow-ups work for appointment reminders too. Business coaches can set up automatic emails to prompt clients to complete their homework on schedule. These updates help entrepreneurs and small business owners use their time and energy wisely.

Sales Teams

Sales teams need to pay attention to these updates. You can add a tag and create a task for a follow-up call that helps to convert more leads.

Best of all, the updated program works across a wide swath of small businesses.

“Any small business no matter their size or vertical can benefit from Easy Automations,”  Martineau says. He adds the way they choose to use the tool and what they automate will vary.

While there is no business vertical that will benefit more than the other, there were some small caveats.

Repetitive Tasks

“Businesses that can benefit most from Easy Automations are those with a higher customer volume and many repetitive tasks,” Martineau says adding how fast the tool works. “Keap users can typically automate their first task in under 5 minutes. If you are not a Keap user, you can sign up for a free trial to see how Easy Automations work.”

Future Plans

Finally, he outlined some future plans.

“We see many more templates and automations available in the future. The more feedback we get from our customers about what they need to automate, the more we can expand,” he says. “Seeing the impact to our customers has made the expansion of Easy Automations a top priority for Keap. As we expand, more tasks will be automated.  And that means more growth for entrepreneurs.”

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  2. As you set up automations, think ahead to how they’ll work in the future. You may be able to anticipate potential problems and prevent them.

    Also, you’ll need to potentially pause automations when major events occur. Nobody wants your automated email message of 15% off everything the day of a mass shooting.