The Best Desk Organizers for a Small Business Owner

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You want your desk to be a highly functional space so you can do your job easily and efficiently. And no matter what kind of job you have, you will eventually end up with many odds and ends on your desk. The best desk organizers can hold these items and get rid of the clutter.

From pens to scissors, sticky notes, file folders, paperwork, smartphones, and more, you can find desk organizers to hold them all. The key is to find the desk organizer that solves the needs of your own desk. And because the market has hundreds of different types of organizers, finding the one for you can take some time. The best desk organizers on this list will give you a basic idea of what is available. You can then narrow your search to find the right one for you.

The Best Desk Organizers

Top pick: Tribesigns Monitor Stand Riser

Runner Up: Desk Organizer with Adjustable Pen Holder

Best Value: Safco Products Onyx Mesh Corner Organizer


Tribesigns Monitor Stand Riser


Top pick: Monitors are ubiquitous on desktops. And the Tribesigns Monitor Stand Riser organizes your desk while making your monitor easier to look at. Made from bamboo this organizer has a phone holder, a cup holder, two drawers, and a large compartment.

There is also space underneath the riser. You can put your keyboard and mouse in there or use it for additional storage. The company offers a 100% refund as well as a 2-year and lifetime warranty.

Tribesigns Monitor Stand Riser

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The Office Oasis Desk Organizer


Runner Up: This desk organizer from The Office Oasis adapts to your space with a magnetic base. The base has six different compartments you organize and rearrange to address your storage needs. Made from bamboo, the base has a magnetic grid with a non-slip rubber base.

The six high-grade plastic containers come in different shapes and sizes for storing pens and pencils, phones, post-it notes, and other items. The organizer has a U.S. patent, and it measures 13.5″ x 3.25″ x 3.75″ and weighs 1.68 pounds.

The company offers a 110% LIFETIME GUARANTEE that lets you return it for a full refund plus 10% off if you are not happy.

The Office Oasis Desk Organizer with Magnetic and Adjustable Compartments

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Safco Products Onyx Mesh Corner Organizer


Best Value: The Safco Products organizer is efficient, durable, and uses a space that is often underused, the corner of a desk. This is a great item that delivers value in terms of price and usability.

Made from durable, thick, commercial-grade steel and powder coated, it can resist chipping and scratching. It has four center shelves with a top to hold items along with two outer sections to keep binders, folders, and notebooks.

The organizer has a small footprint measuring 15″W x 11″D x 13″H and weighing just 3 pounds.

Safco Products Onyx Mesh Corner Organizer, Black Powder Coat Finish, Durable Steel Mesh Construction

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Victor Wood Desktop Organizer with Closing Door


If you are looking for an organizer you can close, the Victor is the one for you. When it is closed it looks sleek and modern. Open the door and inside you have four full-sized shelves for storing files, folders, and papers. There is also a drawer with the same size you can access without opening the door.

It is made of wood and comes fully assembled with 5.12 x 5.12 x 2.56-inch dimensions and weighing in at 11.9 pounds.

Victor Wood Desktop Organizer with Closing Door, No Assembly Required

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EasyAcc Wireless Charger Desk Stand Organizer


Desk organizers do not have to hold everything on your desk. And the EasyAcc wireless charger station organizer addresses that very point. The wireless charger is Qi-Certified, meaning it can charge any phone with this capability. A green indicator light in front lets you know your phone is charging.

In addition to the slot for holding your phone, you also get three more compartments for pens, scissors, stapler, glasses, post-it notes, and more.

At 11.14 x 3.64 x 4.43 inches this a compact and efficient unit that provides a necessary function while organizing your desk.

EasyAcc Wireless Charger Desk Stand Organizer, Desk Storage Caddy Pen Pad Holder

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NEOLETEX Bamboo Desktop Organizer


The NEOLETEX organizer is well designed, compact, and made from natural bamboo. At ?14.5 x 12 x 11 inches and 8.98 pounds, you get four tiers of storage. The top has four compartments to hold pens, your phone, a tablet, and other items.

There are two shelves that fit 8 ½ x 11-inch paper, a bottom section with a small drawer, and another compartment. For its size, this organizer provides ample storage. And the bamboo makes it easy to clean, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly.

Bamboo Desktop Organizer – 4 Tier Durable Wood Tabletop Storage for Pencils, Notepads, Documents, and Office Supplies

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UnionBasic Multifunctional PU Leather Office Desk Organizer


If you want a more stylish desk organizer, the UnionBasic organizer comes in 18 different colors made from PU faux leather. You get seven divided compartments, which include a small drawer. You can store everything from your smartphone to pens and pencils as well chargers and other supplies.

At 11.22″ wide 5.7″ high 5.7″ deep and 1.75 pounds, it is just the right size for desks of all sizes.

UnionBasic Multifunctional PU Leather Office Desk Organizer Business Card/Pen/Pencil/Mobile Phone/Stationery Holder

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Qualities to Look for in the Best Desk Organizers

When looking for a desk organizer, consider the items you will be storing, the amount of space you have, and the material.

  • Material: From plastic, to wood, metal, or leather you have many options when it comes to material. Choose the material that will best fit your desk and environment so you can get the most out of it.
  • Design: In addition to the form factor, you also must consider the décor for the rest of the office. If it is not your home or office make sure to ask if there are any guidelines as to what you can have on your desk.
  • Size: desk organizers can range in size. Consider the amount of room you have on your desk without compromising your workspace.
  • Weight: If you are going to store heavy items look for organizers that will not topple over. Organizers made of wood and metal with good proportions is the way to go.  
  • Compartments and storage type: Look at your desk and see what is on there. The organize you get should have compartments and storage options for those things and more.
  • Open or closed compartments: Having the option of keeping your items in the open or hidden is important. Some things can stay in the open, while others need to be in a closed compartment.

How Much Space Do You Have?

The purpose of a desktop organizer is to optimize the space on your desk. Whether the space is large or small, you want the organizer to hold the things you need without taking up too much real estate. Designers take this into account, and they have come up with some nifty ideas to maximize the space you have.

From corner desk organizers to slim profile units that can go into your desk drawer, there are many options. Remember you do not want to buy an organizer that is going to become part of the clutter.

Identify What You Use Most

The key to having a neat and tidy desk is identifying what you use most. This will allow you to prioritize the items you need to put in your organizer or on top of your desk. After all, there are probably things on your desk right now you seldom use or have not used in a long time.

Once you take a quick inventory of what you use daily or on a regular basis, you can then begin to find the desk organizer that can contain them.


Having a clean and organized desk can make you more productive and lower your stress. Furthermore, a clean desk communicates professionalism to your co-workers, clients, and anyone that comes to visit your desk.

If you dread looking at the clutter on your desk when you get ready to work, it is time for a desk organizer. Remember, the best desktop organizers will make the things you need most easily and quickly accessible.


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