Justworks Launches Time Tracking Management App for Business


Remote working continues to dominate many workforces, making it imperative teams have the right tools in place to streamline and optimize business operations. In response to the demand for more efficient working set-ups for modern teams, Justworks has launched Justworks Hours.

Justworks, specialists in software for payroll, benefits, HR and compliance, has introduced Justworks Hours, a fully integrated solution designed to improve efficiency through automation.

Justworks Hours Time Tracking App

It is within every small business’s interest to reduce time spent on manual tasks, such as HR and payroll.  JustWork Hours is a new time and attendance solution designed to create more seamless HR and payroll operations for teams working remotely, in a hybrid set-up, or in the office.

The system automatically syncs to timecards in Justworks, providers of automated payroll, compliance support and other HR tools. Via geo-fencing, shift management, and automated alerts, the time spent on manual calculations and managing payroll are significantly reduced.

Camilla Velasquez, Senior Vice President at Justworks, commented on how the new system helps make running a business more accessible for everyone:

“Justwork Hours is another important step forward in realizing our vision to make starting, running, and growing a business a more accessible option for all.

Small Business Deals

“Justwork Hours’ full integration with Justworks will put more power in the hands of our customers than ever and enable us to reach and serve more diverse types of businesses – especially those just getting started,” Velasquez added.

Increasing Visibility

With Justwork Hours businesses can gain more insight involving payroll and other HR admin processes with greater oversight. The software enables businesses to dig deeper into timesheets, overtime, time off, payroll expenses and invoices, as well as the hours spent of different projects.

Easing the Burden of Errors with Overtime Watch

Errors and inaccuracies are never immune from tasks related to human resources and payroll, especially when teams are working virtually from different locations. Justworks Hours comprises of an Overtime Watch feature that is designed to limit the burden of errors and inaccuracies. With Overtime Watch, users are sent reminder for meal and rest breaks, as well as payroll integrations and more.

This easy-to-use tool empowers employees no matter where they are working to clock in and out via mobile, tablet, laptop or Slack.

Different Pricing Tiers

JustWork Hours is available at tier pricing levels. The standard platform includes unlimited employee timesheets, overtime alerts, time off tracking, unpaid and paid break rules, alerts and reminders, project and job tracking, and more.

The Standard tier costs $5 per month per user, plus a $20 base fee per month.

The Business tier includes everything the standard package does with the addition of expense tracking, advanced pay classifications, a DCAA complaint audit trail, multi-state or country compliance, a dedicated account manager, and more.

Image: Justworks

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