New SMS Upgrade from Keap Includes Automation and Compliance


The new text upgrade from Keap lets small businesses send automatically triggered SMS messages. Clients and prospects who make a purchase, schedule an appointment or fill out a lead form get these follow-ups. It’s another way small businesses can take advantage of the text messaging open rate of 90%.

There’s also a new text message broadcast feature. This allows your business to pick a specific list or create a segmented one. There is built-in compliance with The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

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New SMS Upgrade from Keap

This regulation goes after spammy prerecorded or auto-dialed text messages.

Rajesh Bhatia, CTO at Keap, described what’s behind these upgrades. How they take advantage of what works while staying on the right side of the law.

“Text messaging is a powerful sales and marketing tool,” he writes. “Email open rates have dropped in recent years. Texting offers a powerful and effective way to communicate with customers.”

These tweaks have a history that goes back several years.

“Keap launched our Keap mobile app and SMS capabilities in 2019,” Bhatia says. “They included the Keap Business Line. It provided a second phone number to keep personal and business calls and texts separate.”

He also says that pandemic has made many small business owners rethink their communication strategies.

“We know our customers want to use this tool, the next step was making it easy. We’ve integrated everything in the Keap app. We save our customers time, reduce chaos and simplify customer interactions.”

Interested? Keap users get free credits for texts that restart each month. Additional texts go for a rate of $.04/text. These only apply to content messages and not opt-in ones.

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