More than 340,000 Small Businesses Use PPP Loan Forgiveness Tool in its First 2 Weeks

PPP Loan Forgiveness Tool

In the first two weeks, the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) PPP loan forgiveness tool has accepted more than 340,000 submissions. And the SBA says the response has surpassed expectations. Are you one of the 340K small businesses that used the PPP loan forgiveness portal? If so, kudos for taking advantage of the simplified tool to get your PPP loan forgiven.

Loan Forgiveness Portal Popular in First 2 Weeks

The streamlined PPP loan forgiveness process is specifically designed to address small businesses with loans under $150,000. With this platform, businesses with these loan amounts can submit a request for loan forgiveness directly to their lender from the Direct Forgiveness SBA website.

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Prior to the PPP loan forgiveness portal, borrowers had to download the forms or get them from their banks to initiate the forgiveness process. And according to the SBA, “Some lenders had not yet built the technology or processes to even begin accepting forgiveness applications, and many did not actively reach out to borrowers to help them through the process.”

The SBA goes on to say, this explains the reason millions of borrowers, including more than 700,000 loans made in 2020, didn’t submit this one-page application. After signing up and registering, you can fill the form in as little as six minutes on PCs or smartphones. You will then receive forgiveness decisions within a week from the date of submission.

PPP Loan Forgiveness Tool Approval Rate

The SBA says half of the 340,000 applications in the portal have full or partial forgiveness approval. This comes out to more than $2.4 billion for these borrowers.

The portal addresses borrowers with less than $150k, which total 10,523,956 small businesses as of August 15, 2021. To date, there have been 4,988,220 submissions from these borrowers for 2020 and 2021.

A further breakdown shows the smallest businesses or borrowers with less than $50,000 make up the largest percentage of the overall PPP loans. They represent 9,009,866 businesses, but they also make up the group with the fewest number of applicants for forgiveness. On the other hand, borrowers between $50,001 to $149,999 make up 1,524,090 of borrowers. However, 65.3% of them, or 989,062 have submitted their applications for forgiveness.

If you are one of the 5,535,736 small businesses with a loan of less than $150,000 make sure to take advantage of the portal and apply today. There are also more opportunities for funding to keep your small business going with SBA grants for underserved communities.

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  1. I hope they keep using it too. Glad the tool is working.

  2. Yea they handed out loans in the first 2weeks to all there over qualified friends and business owners this ,pandemic was a way for government loans in the upper chain of the United States palm greasing world to 1st thru trump off and cheat the election …2nd pandemics aren’t new all the over seas and south of the United States have been having them and it’s how you know when your government is corrupt and they use it to get trillion dollar help from country’s and they claim the people needs help and the government steals all the help and haulers for more so it finally made its way to America and do the math a $600 +600 +1400 people you can add it all day and you can’t double it to make it a trillion dollar give away but they set up in the offices of the sba. And refuse people like me a loan but I’m small business and they gave me 1 payment and said there was a miscommunication so this year we gone make it up and approved it but lied gave it to people I was ahead of cause I was a last year loan but they ran out of money …..people you are looking at AMERICA ACTING LIKE THE 3RD WORLD PLACES …CROOKED AS CAN BE 20TRILLION THEY MADE EXCUSE TO NEED AND THAT $2600 like I said can’t chop it in have and count them half’s as whole dollars and get a trillion give to the people ……so 20TRILLION and 19 has the government fixing ballots and making Americans down here in Ga … have COVID 19 even if you had a gun shot to the head he died of COVID proof is in the pudding and I’m sure they need the death total to cover the deaths from the beginning claims and the sba there just riding with the scam and handing the $ to people like the basketball team owner out in California but trump made them get it back because that man pays his players as high as 20million a year so someone in the SBA.. had to know that’s fraud and should of been treated like one but ITS OK THEY WITH THE GOVERNMENT WE CAN DO THAT …PEOPLE ARE ECONOMY IS ABOUT TO CRUMBLE AND THE GOVERNMENT IS GONE PLAY VICTUM ……HAVE A THOUGHT ON THAT POST

  3. Is it too late to apply for the loan?

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