New Main Street Business Grants Available

grant opportunities for main street businesses

Restaurants, retail stores, and other Main Street businesses are often pillars of the communities they serve. But many of these have been heavily impacted by shutdowns and the pandemic. Luckily, there are several grant programs around the country specifically aimed at these local businesses.

Latest Main Street Business Grants Available

Here are a few current opportunities for Main Street businesses to consider.

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Atlanta QuickBooks Restaurant Relief Program

Restaurants are a huge part of the communities they serve. But many were heavily impacted by the pandemic, and then by worker shortages. To support these struggling small businesses, Intuit QuickBooks is teaming up with the Georgia Restaurant Association and other partners. They’re offering $100,000 in grant funds to restaurants throughout Metropolitan Atlanta. Eligible restaurants can apply for $5,000 to cover payroll and operating expenses. Grant applications are not yet available. But interested business owners can sign up to be notified when it opens.

Windsor ARPA Grant Program

The town council in Windsor, Connecticut just approved a new grant program for struggling small businesses. Local businesses and nonprofits can apply for $10,000 grants, with funds available from the American Rescue Plan Act. Businesses will need to demonstrate that they’ve lost profits due to the pandemic. The town council hopes to start accepting applications in mid-November and divvy funds in December.

Wyoming SBA Community Navigator Pilot Program

The Wyoming Small Business Development Center recently received a $2.5 million grant from the United States Small Business Administration. The center is now part of the SBA’s Community Navigator Pilot Program, which aims to support business owners that face significant barriers to entry. The program will specifically work to support women, veterans, minority entrepreneurs, and those in rural communities. They’ll offer resources and educational opportunities to help businesses get funding and support their ventures in other ways.

Downtown North Wilkesboro Partnership Small Business Micro Grant Program

Businesses in Downtown North Wilkesboro, NC can soon apply for grants of between $500 and $2,500. The program is part of Duke Energy’s Hometown Revitalization Grant program to support small downtown areas. Since these businesses have suffered greatly over the past two years, extra funds may help the community as a whole. The deadline to apply is December 6.

Small Business Deals

Ellsworth Downtown Grant Program

Heart of Ellsworth and several local banks in Ellsworth, Maine are partnering to offer grants to local businesses. The program is designed to spur innovation and support the community through its Main Street businesses. This is the second year of the program. And 11 mini grants of $1,000 are available for startups and existing businesses looking to expand. The deadline to apply is November 22.

Kansas Historic Economic Asset Lifeline

Officials in Kansas just announced a new grant program aimed at revitalizing historic structures in the state’s rural communities. The Historic Economic Asset Lifeline (HEAL) offers both emergency funding and options for those looking to make long-term improvements to existing structures. This isn’t specifically for businesses. But those that own historic storefronts or buildings may benefit from the program. Builders and construction companies that specialize in restorations may also find extra work due to this program. Building owners must be nominated by a community organization and then complete an application by December 20.

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  1. It’s so refreshing to hear something good happening for the small business world. Over the past year I have seen so many storefronts and others shutdown. I live in a small town and I hate seeing the mom & pop shops out of business. I only hope this grant isn’t too late.

  2. I am ashamed to say, I am from a unfortunate one red light town that if you’re a small business trying to help your community in a below poverty level area you’re not eligible for a SBA loan nor Grant I do remember our president setting aside money for each state to distribute to the small businesses and not once have our small businesses been offered anything oh I was offered it just to be told that my ability to repay because my doors are closed because I was impacted by covid not to mention hurricane Ida having to rebuild from the ground up not to mention trying to struggle and survive and bring an income in but my ability to pay makes me not eligible for any type of help whatsoever so my business just closes Louisiana where is grants for Louisiana people where is some kind of help California Kansas all of them I’m proud of them I’m glad that their government takes care of them but can we get some kind of help I have no understanding whatsoever how we can just be through to the side

  3. Keep working to get the word out to eligible businesses, because every little bit helps.

  4. I need a loan for my realtor business