Avoid this Common Pitfall if You’re Redesigning a Company Website

Redesigning Your Company Website

If you are redesigning your company website to address the demands of today’s consumers and technology, there is a common pitfall you should avoid. And that is overlooking the mobile experience of your audience.

According to a study by Best SEO Companies titled, “Why Companies Are Prioritizing the Redesign of their Website,” website redesign is currently in hyperdrive. And 1 in 3 business leaders reported a poor mobile experience as one of the top issues with redesigned websites?

Mobile Experience and Redesigning Your Company Website

Considering 61% of visits to US websites in 2020 were driven by mobile devices, it is not surprising business owners want the experience to be better. And as 5G deployment continues to increase, mobile will dominate even more.

In the study more than a third or 34% identified poor mobile experience as one of many issues with their website after it was rebuilt. It is important to note this is after the site was rebuilt. For small business owners who are paying for these services, getting a clear understanding of what will take place is key to ensuring the job is done properly.

Go through the contract thoroughly and have the company go over each task with you. This way you will know what to expect before you spend your hard-earned money.

Some of the other issues the study revealed after a website was redesigned include slow website speed (56%), broken links (45%), missing pages (42%), broken e-commerce functions (38%), and several others.

The study also looked at SEO metrics for a website redesign as more small business owners are becoming more aware of the importance of SEO. Optimizing page speed and existing content, as well as analyzing the current site and taking inventory of high-performing content are issues.

Why Redesign?

Having a digital presence is crucial for a business in today’s marketplace. And the site must be fully optimized to take advantage of the technology.

In the study, the top reason for redesigning a website is to build awareness with 49% of the respondents. Driving sales (44%), increasing traffic (43%), improving customer experience (40%), and appealing to new hires (39%) round up the top five reasons.

The reasons also vary by company size, with small businesses looking to improve accessibility, drive sales, and increase traffic.

In the survey, Best SEO Companies asked 437 business owners and 367 SEO experts on the issues related to website redesign processes.

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