What is WiFi Marketing, and How Can it Help Your Small Business?

wifi marketing

WiFi marketing works with what’s often called guest Wi-Fi. It’s where a small business offers a free connection in retail locations and other places. Then, they use that connection for marketing campaigns like promotions and messages.

WiFi marketing allows shoppers to gain access to the whole web. Or just your mobile app and online store. Some guest network sites show specific content before they grant WiFi access.

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Read on to find out more about WiFi marketing solutions.

What is WiFi Marketing?

This is also free WiFi provided in a store to get contact information to build a customer profile. Customers are prompted to fill out a survey, supply an email address, or give other info.

How does WiFi marketing work?

Wifi marketing is all about making a guest WiFi hotspot an automatic marketing platform. You provide guest wifi to enhance the customer experience. In return you get analytics to build profiles and track visits. The number of visits, purchases and other metrics get included.

11 Ways WiFi Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

This tool can be a revenue-driving marketing machine. Set up a splash page to drive revenue. That’s the way to let prospects in.

Scent marketing can be controlled through WiFi marketing too. Below you’ll find other ways this tool boosts your existing customers.

1. Increases Customer Satisfaction with Free WiFi

Wifi connection guests are more apt to buy when the internet sign on is free. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a splash page. Make it user friendly and include tabs to social media accounts. This is the gate that allows prospects in.

2. Makes Customers More Likely to Spend Money with WiFi Access

Convenience makes a big difference. Customers save on data usage. They’re likely to spend. Make your network faster than the one they pay for. It’s another way to open their wallets.

3. Collects Customer Data and Gains Valuable Insights

WiFi access points get customers engaged. A small business gets powerful marketing data and customer analytics in return. These detailed customer profiles help with marketing.

4. Kick Starts Email Marketing

Having your customers use your guest WiFi a great way to get them to opt in for email marketing. Remember to nurture your customer relationship by providing valuable content and not just product offers.

Another way this tool is miles ahead of the old phone based on hold marketing.

5. Increases Your Online Presence

Offering free WiFi to customers increases your digital footprint too. For example, restaurants can use Instagram to get more social media followers to promote specials.

6 . Increases Customer Loyalty with Free Guest WiFi

Repeat customers is the name of the game. Increase customer loyalty by setting up a loyalty program. Discounts work well.

7. Attracts More Customers to Your Business

With a physical location, you need to consider day to day traffic that comes in . And one of the benefits of offering WiFi is more foot traffic and even more sales.

8. Gets More Online Reviews (and Better Reviews!) from WiFi Users

Better digital word of mouth means less churning customers and good sales. Get guests connected quickly with a good wifi login. Then ask for a review to improve online ratings.

9. Promotes Your Brand with Targeted Ads

Relevant ads promoting your own brand are sent to phones. Online ads can target devices from shared routers. Providing internet access in your store means you can display relevant ads to laptops and tablets too.

10. Improves Customer Engagement

Local businesses need to engage at risk customers. Guest data you put together will tell you what promotional material works. And what they generally buy.

11. Offers Sell and Upsell Promotions

Up selling through your guest WiFi promotions helps to increase your sales. Try personalizing your sales recommendations through the customer information you have. Use targeted email campaigns.

How much does WiFi marketing cost?

Social WiFi is big in places like the restaurant industry. There’s lots of software to choose from. A comparison has free trials. And prices ranging from $25 per month up to over $4,ooo.

How to Get Started with WiFi Marketing

There’s more to getting started with marketing WiFi than throwing together a splash page and some video ads. Here’s the steps involved.

  1. Choose a credible ISP.
  2. Choose a plan that offers the most bandwidth and speed at an affordable price.
  3. Set up your network with a secure password. Don’t forget encryption.
  4. Alert your customers with some kind of digital signage

WiFi Marketing Software

Choosing the right WiFi marketing automation platform is next. Look for software that helps with marketing campaigns. Products that can automate surveys are good. Look for features like exportable marketing lists too.

Bloom Intelligence

This is the WiFi marketing platform that offers excellent features like guest dwell time. It’s a good way to find new customers.


This tool helps restaurants, coffee shops and bars turn their guest Wi-Fi into analytics they can use. Small businesses can take advantage of webinars and live online training.

Facebook WiFi

Use an existing Facebook WiFi network to get started here. Other social media logins like Instagram shares your biz profile, target ads as you gain customer insights.


Create a wifi network where the visitor numbers are counted and monitored. That prevents overcrowding and increases customer loyalty.


This guest WiFi solution is used by names like Hewlett-Packard and Subway. Brick-and-mortar locations can track the average number of customers who visit their store daily. Get detailed wifi analytics and mobile coupons.


You’ll get automated email marketing campaigns asking guests for a rating after their first visit. This tool automatically increases your followers on social media.

WiFi Garden

This guest WiFi tool doesn’t interrupt browsing with ads. Create banners to keep customers coming in from templates. Or you can create your own.

Tripadvisor WiFi

This guest WiFi is designed for restaurants. Patrons in these brick and mortar businesses go a page and enter their info. A notification asks them to publish a review.

They get free WiFi and your business gets data on their habits.

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