SBA Funding Expands Small Business Outreach Via Minority Serving Institutions

sba funding expansion

$1.5 million has been made available for 10 new grant opportunities for established Minority Serving Institutions aspiring to host a Women’s Business Center.

SBA Funding Expands Small Business Outreach

The grants were announced by Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman, head of the U.S. Small Business Administration, who works on behalf of the 32.5 million small businesses in America. The funds will provide local outcome-oriented business services for women entrepreneurs.

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New Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs

The new funds were made available as Black History Month continues, further demonstrating the intention of the Small Business Administration to make more financial resources available for historically underserved Black-owned small businesses.

Administrator Guzman has made creating funding opportunities that increase equity for small business owners a priority since her appointment to President Biden’s Cabinet. The new focus on Women’s Business Centers will help entrepreneurs ‘pivot, grow and navigate’ the new opportunities created by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law recently introduced by the Biden-Harris Administration.

Connecting Women Entrepreneurs with Valuable Resources

Administrator Guzman said of the new funding: “Our efforts to help establish more Women’s Business Centers at Minority Serving Institutions across America will not only deliver on the Biden-Harris administration’s priority to invest in equity but also will help more women entrepreneurs – one of the most energetic, innovative and fastest-growing segments of our small business economy – drive America’s strong recovery and Build a Better America.

“Our Women’s Business Centers provide vital support, connecting women entrepreneurs with many of the SBA’s most valuable resources including access to capital, professional networks, skills training for business growth and resilience, and much more. My hope is that leaders of every qualifying institution will seize this opportunity to establish a Women’s Business Center and start building bridges to opportunity for our nation’s women business owners.”

How to Apply for SBA Funding

Eligible applicants include private or non-profit organizations with 501(c) tax-exempt status from the U.S. Treasury’s Internal Revenue Service. They must also be affiliated with a Minority Serving Institution.

All applications are required to be submitted through the Grants website, with the window for submitting an application closing at 11:59pm on February 14.

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  1. According to the SBA grants site, the application deadline is March 14 NOT Feb 14

  2. All these opportunities for only minorities but what about us small business owners who aren’t black but are also struggling. I find it quite interesting that suddenly ONLY minorities have the opportunity to receive help. Every where you look every where is promoting ONLY black owned businesses offering incentives for giving them your business. So forget about helping promote anyone who is Caucasian or Hispanic or Asian or any race other than black. Honestly all this talk about racism and singling out different races is a joke. The government needs to give every single race the exact same equal opportunity and promote white owned businesses, Hispanic owned businesses and Asian owned businesses also instead of offering perks for shopping at a black owned business. Racism is REAL thanks to the government.

    • Smh. The article only mentions black people and black history month once. It’s entire focus was on women entrepreneurs in general and minority women in particular. And being that you’re confused about that.. it does include the Asian women and Hispanic women that you mentioned at the last minute to water down the kareness of that rant.
      There’s a reason why some communities have been considered historically underserved by the financial community and I applaud the sba’s effort to bring some parity and fairness. It benefits us all as a country. That is true patriotism. You should be ashamed of those remarks. They were classless and ignorant.

    • Lmao sounds like someone is mad they arent BLACK!!!!

  3. The deadline is March 14. I almost said it’s too late because of this “mistake” you need to correct. Could easily sway people to not apply.

  4. I don’t understand why there isn’t more help for causation women. I am always seeing”grants for minority women”, but when I go and try to apply I am informed I aim not a minority. I am a white woman born in this country and can’t get SBA to help me because I am not a woman of color

    • This is interesting 🤔 The fact that finally women of color are in due process to Get some assistance to get our businesses off the ground, when we’ve made several attempts with American Financial Institutions and we’re denied time after time. Speaks volumes of what really is real. Seems to me that you all don’t want us to have anything!! We can never start at the same line as you….. FYII!!!
      It never work , we still make a way with or without so sick it up Karen!!!

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