Spotlight: Safe Travels Consulting Found a New Revenue Stream by Training Competitors

non-emergency medical transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation is a fast-growing field, since there are many senior who need help getting to medical appointments. The founder of Safe Travels Consulting broke into the industry with his own transportation company years ago. But providing rides in his area wasn’t enough.

Now, he also helps other entrepreneurs around the country serve their local seniors as well. Read about the company’s course and NEMT offerings in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

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What the Business Does

Provides non-emergency medical transportation – and helps others do the same.

Founder Tommy Green told Small Business Trends, “We sell a course to teach people how to start their own profitable non emergency medical transportation company.”

It may seem strange to help other entrepreneurs to provide a service you also offer. But there’s tons of room for growth in the NEMT industry around the country. And the course opens up a whole new revenue stream for the company.

Business Niche

Providing top-rate service in their market.

Green says, “We are one of the top-rated non emergency medical transportation companies in Palm Beach, Florida.”

Additionally, Green uncovered a new revenue stream by helping others start their own NEMT business. The course is open to entrepreneurs in cities across the U.S.


How the Business Got Started

By accident.

Green learned of the industry when a neighbor listed her non-emergency medical transportation company for sale. So he started learning and then jumped right in.

He says, “I did research on the industry, put a digital marketing strategy together, and purchased a vehicle to begin the journey!”

Biggest Win

Accepting insurance through brokers.

Green explains, “It has opened a new revenue stream to the business with consistent work.”

Biggest Risk

Breaking into the industry.

Green says, “Our biggest risk was getting started. The rest has seemed to fall into place.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

??Expanding to more surrounding counties.

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