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In the past beekeeping has been a common household practice in most parts of the world to facilitate household consumption. In recent years, due to urbanization and major lifestyle changes in cities, it is now being practiced less and less. Apiculture/beekeeping is practiced as a hobby and commercially to produce honey and wax.  There are several offerings online with beekeeping courses you can take for a hobby or as a business opportunity.

Popular Beekeeping Courses

Here is a list of the most popular online beekeeping courses to see if they are suited to your interests.

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Beekeeping 101: An Intro to Beekeeping Class

Beekeeping 101: An Intro to Beekeeping Class is a guide to setting up a beehive in your backyard. The class shows you beehive selection, beekeeping gear selection, and how to set up your beehive correctly. The class will also teach you the roles of the different types of bees, installing and feeding the bees, and how to keep records.

Background to Beekeeping: Start with Why

Background to Beekeeping: Start with Why explains the reasons why someone would need to do beekeeping, including the benefits of it and its potential benefits. It also explains the history and current status of beekeeping, the production of honey, and the honey trade. Additionally, it will assist you in deciding to pursue beekeeping.

Beekeeping 101: A 10 Step Guide to Becoming a Beekeeper

Beekeeping 101 is A 10 Step Guide to Becoming a Beekeeper by understanding the basic honey bee biology and their life cycle. The course shows you the equipment necessary, choosing a location for your hives, options of purchasing or catching bees for your hive and performing hive inspections including extracting and packing your honey.

Beekeeping for Beginners in Tropical Climates

Beekeeping for Beginners is a 3.5-hour course that teaches you the basics of bees, bee colony, and their produce, especially in tropical climates. The lessons included in this course are the importance of beekeeping, the different types of hives, cost and revenue analysis, harvesting, honey processing, and apiary management from setup to pests and disease control.

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Beekeeping for Beginners:  How to Be a Successful Beekeeper

Starting with the history of beekeeping and harvesting honey Beekeeping for Beginners teaches you everything you need to know to become a beekeeper. You will learn about the types of honey bees, obtaining your bees, types of hives, beekeeping equipment, selecting a location for hives, beehive inspections, potential hive diseases, preparing hives for winter, and much more.

Beekeeping:  A first course for Aspiring Beekeepers

Beekeeping:  A first course for Aspiring Beekeepers instructs you on the benefits of bees and beekeeping and the advantages of becoming a beekeeper. Developed together with the experiences of the trainer this course will teach you basic beekeeping equipment and their cost, an inspection of the colony of bees, and hive management.

Beginning in Beekeeping: Start Your Very First Beehive!

Beginning in Beekeeping: Start Your Very First Beehive! Is a brief step-by-step guide to starting a beekeeping business from setting up your apiary to producing honey. This 12-hour course will teach you approaches to beekeeping, honeybee colony, beehives and equipment, establishing apiary and getting the bees, and bee and hive management. Moreover, it teaches you how to harvest, extract, process and pack the products.

Natural and Regenerative Beekeeping for Beginners

Natural and Regenerative Beekeeping for Beginners guides you on sustainable ways to manage your honeybees naturally. It will show you how to regenerate your species in a way that can withstand climate change, pesticides, loss of habitat, and pollution. Using the natural method you will be able to produce honey, wax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, and mead.

101 Questions A New Beekeeper Should Ask

101 Questions A New Beekeeper Should Ask covers all the questions and answers a new beekeeper or an aspiring beekeeper should ask before engaging with an apiary. Some of the lessons in this course are, setting up and looking after your beehive, equipment necessary for beekeeping, inspecting the hive, and swarming.

Queen Bee Breeding for Backyard Beekeeping

Queen Bee Breeding for Backyard Beekeeping teaches you queen bee breeding suitable for all types of hives. The course also teaches you the best seasons for queen breeding. In addition to that, you will learn to build a kit holding frame, set up a cell builder colony, prepare a nucleus hive for your queen cells, safely handle queen bees, and much more.

These courses are self-paced and contain progress tests. In addition to awarding a certificate of completion, these courses also offer lifetime access to learning materials including videos both on mobile and television. Furthermore, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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