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In the aftermath of the pandemic, companies have learned to adapt and grow the concept of a flexible workforce. Remote work is now being practiced in most of the world. And Virtual assistant services have seen a growing demand in the past few years. There are several offerings online with virtual assistant courses you can take today to start working from home.

Popular Virtual Assistant Courses

Here are some of the most popular online virtual assistant courses available for you.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Discover the Zoho Ecosystem

Sell Your Business

Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant teaches you all the digital talents that the big corporations and the small business need in a virtual assistant. It will teach you how to create simple graphics, email marketing, manage different social media accounts channels, create PayPal payment buttons, payment plans, and invoicing.

How to Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business in 2022

This updated course, How to Grow Your Virtual Assistant Business provides you with the knowledge to ensure your business stays in business. You will learn to prioritize the highest paying tasks and clients, productivity and energy hacks, market yourself, build your own VA network, fire a client without burning a bridge, and more.

Double Your Virtual Assistant Income with a Niche Skill

Double Your Virtual Assistant Income with a Niche Skill shows you how to earn more while putting in the same time by identifying in-demand and high-paying jobs clients are willing to pay for. The lessons include how to research in-demand skills, master your new specialty skill, price your skill, and attract high-paying clients using LinkedIn.

Executive Assistants: Managing Client’s Calendar (Beginners)

Executive Assistants: Managing Client’s Calendar is a step-by-step beginner’s guide to google calendar. In this course, you will learn to set up a Gmail address and Calendar, create and edit one-time events, create and edit recurring events, set up meetings, calls, and conferences, customize calendar preferences, and add text, bullet points, and attachments to calendar events.

Small Business Deals

Must-Have Skills (Training) for Virtual Assistants in 2022

Must-Have Skills (Training) for Virtual Assistants teaches you all the common tasks and requests of a virtual assistant with templates and scripts. The lessons included in this course are calendar management, inbox management, expense reporting, social media maintenance, research, lead generation, event planning, travel booking, presentation editing, and making purchases.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Is a guide on How to Become a Virtual Assistant from training to launching and growing your virtual assistant business. It will direct you on how to choose your services, target clients, and set up your prices and brand. Additionally, it will teach you business essentials like the legal and financials of your business.

Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant

In this five-hour course Work From Home as a Virtual Assistant, you will learn what virtual assistance is and learn how to prepare, launch, and run a virtual assistance service online. You will be taught about choosing a business name, business licensing and registration, creating your business profile, contacting clients, and charging your clients.

How to Find Your FIRST Virtual Assistant Clients

How to Find Your FIRST Virtual Assistant Clients elaborates on the four methods to landing your first client. Starting with defining your client you will explore how to define your SOPs, rehearse your elevator pitch, and where to find your clients. Moreover, you will be shown how to create a LinkedIn headline that sells.

Virtual Assistant: Find, Hire, Train, and Manage

Virtual Assistant: Find, Hire, Train, and Manage course shows you how to deal with entrepreneurial challenges by understanding what virtual assistants are and delegating tasks to them. You will see the benefits of virtual assistants, the cost of virtual assistance, hiring and working with a virtual assistant, and the seven habits of highly effective outsourcers.

Must-Have Tools for Virtual Assistants in 2022

Updated for 2022 Must-Have Tools for Virtual Assistants offers more than 30 tools you need to boost your virtual assistant business. Once your virtual assistant business is up and running this course will show you tools to protect yourself with a contract, secure your passwords, track your time, finance with Wave App and PayPal, email and calendar services, and much more.

The virtual assistant industry will continue to grow as more solopreneurs grow their businesses. Small and large businesses will also require their services to save money and improve their efficiency.

All the courses mentioned above are self-paced and contain progress tests. In addition to that, you will be awarded a certificate of completion and lifetime access to learning materials including the videos both on television and mobile. Moreover, you are offered a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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